Johnny Jet

Episode 979 (1:23:55)

Johnny Jet just put out an alert that SAS airlines is putting Europe on Sale. It's under $1,000 round trip!

American Airlines has a new thing going on where if you have no carry ons, you can board right after group one. They'll also check any bag for free at the gate. That's pretty slick, but how many people will take advantage of the loop hole and check that extra bag?

Also, Johnny says that slipping a bellman or a front desk guy $20 to get a better room often gets the job done.

Check out to tell you when you need an umbrella. You can even sign up to get a text or email warning you'll need an umbrella. Great deal!

When is the best time to buy an airline ticket? Airline tickets start selling 330 days before the flight, but the price fluctuates. The honey spot is about 4-6 weeks before the flight. That's when airlines really start to move fares. Tuesday is the day that sales pop up on Twitter as well.