How can I get an instant photo print from my smartphone?

Episode 979 (1:07:03)

Lynn from Los Angeles, CA
FujiFilm InStax

Lynn is a retired teacher who misses her Polaroid. She has an smartphone but she wants to be able to take a picture and get an immediate print. Leo says that there's a lot of mobile printers out there for that purpose, but they're rather cumbersome compared to the original Polaroid.

Leo suggests the iPad because she could use various apps to catalog her images and also view pictures like a print out. Amazon has the FujiFilm InStax. Polaroid also still makes a few instant print cameras, but Leo says Fuji is the best.

Another thing she could look into is the LG Pocket Photo which isn't for sale in the US at the moment, but she could get it from eBay.