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Watch David from Nova Scotia, CAN Comments

David would like to stream his own video or audio live to his TV via the Roku Box. Leo says that Houdini7 in the chatroom has written an app that can stream Leo's Show, and David would have to write his own. He suspects that the app is mostly javascript and shouldn't be all that difficult to modify. People have done it all over the world as there are thousands of custom Roku Channels available. Leo says it's a very exciting time and this is why he created the TWiT network. He no longer needs permission and the economics are much better than cable channels of the old days.

Watch Jim from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Jim wants to get one universal remote so he can eliminate the need for having three different remotes. Leo says Logitech makes a programmable universal remote called the Harmony Ultimate which is around $350. It has additional benefits such as a big LCD screen on it, and it's very easy to program.

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Watch Lynn from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Lynn is a retired teacher who misses her Polaroid. She has an smartphone but she wants to be able to take a picture and get an immediate print. Leo says that there's a lot of mobile printers out there for that purpose, but they're rather cumbersome compared to the original Polaroid.

Leo suggests the iPad because she could use various apps to catalog her images and also view pictures like a print out. Amazon has the FujiFilm InStax. Polaroid also still makes a few instant print cameras, but Leo says Fuji is the best.

Another thing she could look into is the LG Pocket Photo which isn't for sale in the US at the moment, but she could get it from eBay.

Watch Bob from New Jersey Comments

Bob is a computer consultant and he's been dealing with the challenge of recommending computers with the low margins and cheap service. He's very frustrated. Leo says that the problem is that most computers are made overseas and even the support is marginal at best. The only real solution is to buy the additional support package. Also, there needs to be an outcry for the manufacturers to take issues seriously. This is why Leo buys from major retailers because they'll back it. He also thinks that this is why people are choosing tablets, rather then computers.

Watch Bob from New Jersey Comments

Bob also wants to know what would be the best network attached storage option. Leo says that the Drobo 5D is great, especially the Thunderbolt model. It's the fastest out there.

Watch Matt from San Diego, CA Comments

Matt's father has recently suffered a stroke and he lives across the country. He's concerned about his father's mental stimulation since he was once an avid reader. Leo says that audio books are ideal for that kind of situation. Leo bought his mother a huge iPod classic and an account on Audible to load the books on.

Matt would also like to watch TV with his father via online. Leo says that there's a Skype camera from Logitech called the Logitech TV Cam that Matt could put in his room. The chatroom says that Google Glass would be ideal for this.

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Watch Al from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Al would like to have a webcam that will only work when people log into a website that he controls. Leo says it would take some programming. He'd likely have to have a program that controls the camera at all times until it's released for use. Clients may not like that, though.

Watch Steve from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steve had to disable his AntiVirus software for a few minutes and, of course, he was bit by a virus. So he used the recovery disc to wipe his drive and reinstall the OS. Is there a program that will save a clean copy of how his computer is set up so he can just reinstall it? Leo says of course! He can make an image of the hard drive and then use that image to recover his drive in the ideal configuration that he'd like. Leo says it should be part of his overall backup strategy. Some suggestions for imaging programs include:

Watch Nichole from Charlotte, NC Comments

Nicole's Asus laptop has a stuck control key, making it impossible to type on. It could be that Nicole has enabled Sticky keys, which can be turned on by tapping the shift key 5 times. Check in the settings to disable.