I got a warning from Google that my site was infected. What should I do?

Episode 978 (1:58:36)

Bill from Woodland Hills, CA

Billy has been getting calls from his customers saying that his website is infected. Leo says that can be a serious warning. When Google crawls websites, they make a note if a site is infected and redirect visitors to a warning message. If he's running Wordpress and doesn't keep it up to date, it can easily be breached and infected. Even plugins are vulnerable. He should be sure to have his website updated completely. He should get his site cleaned up, which may take a good SysAdmin. Once Google sees it's cleaned, it could take a few days or even weeks before they take the warning down.

What's troublesome though is that Bill got a message on his home computer from a third party company called iLockOut that his site was infected. Bill called them and had them fix his site, which they did successfully. Leo's concerned though that this might not be a legitimate business and that they might be hackers themselves. It is possible, however, that when Bill first set up his site with Godaddy, that they sold him this extra service through this company.

Leo's going to look into iLockOut further to see if they're a legitimate business.