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Watch Mike from Burbank, CA Comments

There are sites that are dedicated to funding things, such as that he could try.

Mike actually already has the site created, and just wants to host a sitemap so that Google will be able to find and crawl his site faster. Leo says to look at Google's webmaster tools, which explains how Google creates their search results. He can create his site map in an XML file and then submit that to Google. Godaddy has probably already stored it somewhere for him and he just needs to provide that link to Google.

Watch JD from Los Angeles, CA Comments

JD has a FIOS connection, but his computer keeps auto joining his neighbor's Wi-Fi. Leo says it auto joins because JD probably joined it once manually. JD should go into the Wi-Fi settings > Network preferences, highlight the connections, select Wi-Fi, and then under "Advanced", select "forget". He can also order the connections according to his preferences.

Watch Patrick from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Patrick would like to set up everyone in the family with Apple IDs, but he can't get everyone on the same account. Leo says that according to the chatroom, he can only use three Apple IDs per credit card. So he'll have to have another credit card for the rest. One other option, according to Leo, is to go to his bank and have them generate dedicated credit card numbers that are linked to his account and can only be used with iTunes. Or, better yet, set up each ID with a separate iTunes gift card. Then fix it to where they can only be used with the gift card. That way his credit card isn't saved to the account.

It also won't allow for attaching more than three Apple IDs to the Calendar, though. Leo says that is a limitation to the Apple OS. He recommends using Google Calendar to share and sync. Then Google will push it down to the Mac automagically.

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Watch Frank from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Frank came across his parents old photo albums and slides and wants to know if he really saves money by doing scanning them on his own or using a service. Leo says that using a good digital camera and shooting the pictures on an easel is the cheapest way to go.

However, using a service can be beneficial because they'll use the negatives and clean them up too. Scan Cafe is great because they'll send him a box that he can fill and send back. They'll also do Super 8, 8mm, and home videos too.

Watch Mark from Scottsdale, CA Comments

Mark wants to know what Leo thinks about Adobe moving to subscriptions instead of selling software. Leo says it's been obvious for awhile that Adobe would rather sell subscriptions rather than software. It's really the trend everywhere now. Leo says if enough people just bought the last version and then stopped, they'd get the message that people don't want a subscription.

There's other options as well including PixelMator, Acorn, and The Gimp. Many competitors will swoop in and offer software for disappointed users as well.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike is having trouble loading comments on Yahoo News when he visits. Leo says that comments are Javascript, which may be blocked by his antivirus.
Since he has a lot of security programs running, Leo advises disabling those. He should check his browser's settings to see if Javascript is enabled. Since he can view javascript comments on other sites, that's probably not the case.

Since he's using Chrome, he could disable his add-ons. Mike says he has problems in other browsers too, though. Leo suggests checking his global settings in Windows, and reset the security levels to default.

Failing that, Leo recommends creating a new 'dummy' user account on the computer. He can log into that, and see if the problem still exists there. If it doesn't, then he will know it's something in his user account that's preventing the comments from loading.

Watch Paul from Palmdale, CA Comments

Paul would like to connect his old laptop to his HDTV, but he doesn't have a VGA input on his TV. Paul only has a VGA output on his laptop, though. Leo says ideally, he'd want to use HDMI. Many modern laptops can use DLNA or Wi-Fi Direct that plays video over the air. Apple calls their version of this "Airplay". Paul's laptop probably doesn't support it, though.

There's other ways as well, including a USB connection in his TV which can then navigate and play an external hard drive with his media. Outside of that, Paul is likely going to have to get a VGA to HDMI converter box. He can get one from

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Watch Bill from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Billy has been getting calls from his customers saying that his website is infected. Leo says that can be a serious warning. When Google crawls websites, they make a note if a site is infected and redirect visitors to a warning message. If he's running Wordpress and doesn't keep it up to date, it can easily be breached and infected. Even plugins are vulnerable. He should be sure to have his website updated completely. He should get his site cleaned up, which may take a good SysAdmin. Once Google sees it's cleaned, it could take a few days or even weeks before they take the warning down.

What's troublesome though is that Bill got a message on his home computer from a third party company called iLockOut that his site was infected. Bill called them and had them fix his site, which they did successfully. Leo's concerned though that this might not be a legitimate business and that they might be hackers themselves. It is possible, however, that when Bill first set up his site with Godaddy, that they sold him this extra service through this company.

Leo's going to look into iLockOut further to see if they're a legitimate business.

Watch Mark from Syracuse, NY Comments

Mark has two thumbdrives hooked into a PogoPlug connected to his MacBook Air, but now his drives are read only. Leo says that drives can end up read-only when they're damaged. If he removed the thumbdrive without ejecting it, it could have damaged it. Leo says he can pull the data off it and then reformat the thumbdrive.

Watch Mark from Syracuse, NY Comments

Leo says that Dropbox will allow him to share a whole folder of pictures as an album. Leo says to make a new folder that isn't public, and share it with people within Dropbox.

Watch Drew from Hollywood, CA Comments

Drew has an Acer Aspire 1 with a broken screen. He's looking at something around $300 or less. Leo says that the Asus VivoBook has a touchscreen that will work better for around that price. A Google ChromeBook is a great option for the price and it'll be more powerful than a netbook. It's only a Chrome OS, though.