Why is my Verizon iPad 3 erroneously saying I've reached my data limit?

Episode 977 (41:48)

Taylor from Cincinnati, OH

Taylor has an iPad 3 with Verizon 4G. Despite having plenty of data left, he gets a message on the iPad saying that he's reached his data limit. Then when he clicks "later" to dismiss the message, it won't let him access data. He's called Verizon, but they are claiming it's an Apple issue.

Leo says that the data levels on the iPad are notoriously inaccurate, so he has to follow Verizon's meter. If they're saying it's not close, then they should reactivate the account. The Chatroom says it's an ongoing problem with Verizon. Several members have had the issue. Leo also says that Apple is notorious with ignoring problems. So both are blaming each other for what is obviously a serious issue.

Taylor also says he contributed to Ryan Shrout's Indie gogo project for their video set and production equipment.