What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy SIV vs the HTC One?

Episode 977 (1:54:58)

David from Manhattan Beach, CA

David is going to Google I/O for the first time and he's excited. He wants to know about the Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says it's pretty fast, and he got the international version which is more powerful and fully unlocked. However, because it's more powerful, he loses out on getting LTE. He also likes that the Galaxy SIV can exchange batteries.

As for the HTC One, it doesn't have that option of exchanging batteries, so he had to buy a Mophie Case for it. The downside is that HTC has heavily modified their version of Android with Sense. It's a gorgeous phone, though, and he rooted it so now he's golden.

Leo also recommends getting into the auditorium early for Google I/O because Google tends to give away serious hardware.