Johnny Jet

Episode 977 (1:22:59)

Between now and July 31, American Airlines has a deal with Klout that anyone who has a Klout score of 55 can get into the Admiral's Club for free. That's a pretty clever partnership. Cafe Airlines is doing the same thing, but slightly lower. How do you get a higher Klout score? Johnny says you get active on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Having an American Express Platinum Card also gets you in. What's the benefit? Johnny says there's usually great deals on drinks (even free), free wifi, driving to the plane, better accommodations, and more comfortable settings. If you're traveling internationally, it's beneficial because they usually have showers.

Johnny also suspects that the FAA is going to allow cellphones and skype calls on flight and both he and Leo agree that's going to be annoying. How should airlines make in flight entertainment better? Leo says to give them special iPad holders because people are bringing their own entertainment devices. Johnny also recommends having a backup paper boarding pass along with your virtual boarding pass. Often the scanner doesn't work and then you have to go back to the checkin to get one causing you to miss your flight.