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Watch Carlos from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Carlos wants to get a nice multi HD monitor setup with an HDTV to use as a gaming monitor. Leo says that HDTVs have lower resolution than computer monitors. Monitors are over 2K while TVs are currently just 1080p. 4K TVs are coming though. There is a Seiki UHD $1500 4K TV. PC Perspectives has reviewed it and got pretty good results. Most video cards now have HDMI, so he could connect his computer to an HDTV directly.

Another option may be the Occulus Rift virtual gaming helmet.

Watch Taylor from Cincinnati, OH Comments

Taylor has an iPad 3 with Verizon 4G. Despite having plenty of data left, he gets a message on the iPad saying that he's reached his data limit. Then when he clicks "later" to dismiss the message, it won't let him access data. He's called Verizon, but they are claiming it's an Apple issue.

Leo says that the data levels on the iPad are notoriously inaccurate, so he has to follow Verizon's meter. If they're saying it's not close, then they should reactivate the account. The Chatroom says it's an ongoing problem with Verizon. Several members have had the issue. Leo also says that Apple is notorious with ignoring problems. So both are blaming each other for what is obviously a serious issue.

Taylor also says he contributed to Ryan Shrout's Indie gogo project for their video set and production equipment.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George would like to have a chat client that will run a black background with white lettering. Leo says to download a stand alone client like XChat or Textual, and then just change the settings. There's info on the TWiT Wiki.

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Watch Tom from Brea, CA Comments

Tom has Windows 8 and likes it, but would much rather have a start button. Leo says he can press the Windows Key and it'll go into the desktop, which is beneficial. He also customizes his metro interface for him, which is something that most people don't realize is possible. Tom also says he loves the search feature because all he needs to do is start typing and it'll bring stuff up. Leo agrees, that is very easy. He also really likes the Mail app in Windows 8.

Tom does agree, however, that having separate apps for the desktop and metro can be confusing. Leo says to go ahead and get Windows 8, and if he must have the Start menu back, he can just get Start8 by Stardock for a $5 download.

Watch John from Michigan Comments

John wants to be able to allow friends to add photos to his albums on Google+. Leo says he isn't sure if that can be done at the moment because Google is in transition at the moment.

One thing he can do is create a public folder on PicasaWeb. Unfortunately, that's going to end soon, which is too bad because Picasaweb is full of features that Google+ doesn't have.

The best option would probably be Flickr. That gives him the opportunity to create a Group which others can add to.

John could also use Google+ Events, which comes with Photo sharing.

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Watch David from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

David is going to Google I/O for the first time and he's excited. He wants to know about the Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says it's pretty fast, and he got the international version which is more powerful and fully unlocked. However, because it's more powerful, he loses out on getting LTE. He also likes that the Galaxy SIV can exchange batteries.

As for the HTC One, it doesn't have that option of exchanging batteries, so he had to buy a Mophie Case for it. The downside is that HTC has heavily modified their version of Android with Sense. It's a gorgeous phone, though, and he rooted it so now he's golden.

Leo also recommends getting into the auditorium early for Google I/O because Google tends to give away serious hardware.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay wants to know which domain name suffixes to avoid. Leo warns that XXX is a bad one for anyone, save the adult industry - and even they don't want it. .COM is always the one to get, followed by .NET. Leo likes .TV, but he's not a fan of .biz or .info. The problem is that users assume a site is .com even if he would tell them it's something else. He also definitely will want to avoid hyphens.

Watch Kyle from Irvine, CA Comments

Kyle is looking to get a tough tablet and wants to know which is best. Leo says that it largely depends on what Kyle is going to use it for. Leo has a hunch that because of Kyle's work, a Windows Surface Pro tablet would be ideal.

Ultimately, Leo recommends looking at the software he'd want to use on it, and then determine which platform it would run on. Choose the tablet based on the software it would be able to run.

He also shouldn't worry about whether or not the tablet itself is tough, and instead just get a tough case for it.

Watch Damian from California Comments

Damian is 10 and has an iPhone 4S, but the battery dies in about 3 hours. Leo says that's largely because Damian plays with it a lot. He also noticed that the phone crashes after overheating. Could there be something wrong with it? Leo says there probably is. He advises taking it to the Apple Store. They'll replace it if it's still under warranty. To preserve the battery life, he should turn down the brightness, turn off bluetooth, and check email manually. Also, bad reception will kill the battery as well since the phone is working to find it. Set the screen to turn off in 1 minute.

Watch Bob from Rohnert Park, CA Comments

Bob has an HP printer that's acting up and HP's support is useless. Leo says that HP is so underwhelming these days. If uninstalling the driver and reinstalling didn't work, then it's possible that the spooler file is locked and can't be written to, and it's crashing instead. Leo recommends trying to boot into safe mode. Also be sure that the drivers are Windows 8 compatible. He should also try and create a new user account on the PC and see if that works. The Chatroom recommends trying to run Windows in compatibility mode.