Scott Wilkinson

Episode 976 (42:32)

Scott is back from the Rennaisance Faire, where he enjoyed turkey legs, drank a flaggon of ale, and played his sackbutt horn. What's going on in home theater?

Here's a question for a listener ... What are the best settings to reduce background music so he can hear dialogue clearer? Scott recommends lowering the bass, because most speech is in the upper ranges (2-4khz). So, if you pot down the base and boost the treble, you can hear the dialog a lot better. What about the negative numbers? Scott says that would be used to indicate reducing the frequency below the nominal level, or cutting it.

How about turning up the center channel? Scott says that's a great idea because most of the dialogue is routed through the center channel in a home theater amp. So dialing up the center channel will also help.

Monday on HTG - Joe Kane, founder of Home Theater Essentials, who will join Scott to talk about 4K video, and why we should be calling it 2160p to keep the spec consistent..