Leo's New Companion: The Samsung Galaxy SIV

Episode 976 (02:16)

Leo now has the Samsung Galaxy SIV, and one of the things that it has is a feature called "S Health," which aims to make the Galaxy SIV your "life companion." It'll automatically count steps, calories burned, and even your "comfort level." It really shows that smartphones are really the computers of the future as we get more mobile and wired. With their new ad, Samsung is really milking the generation gap, showing young kids using the Galaxy SIV's new feature, while the older, out of touch parents are using iPhones.

Some people wonder why these phones have all these extras, rather than just pure Android. Leo says that's because the only thing that really distinguishes one phone from another is all the "fins." But they should at least give us the choice.

One thing that Leo is noticing with these phones is the battery life. Can you really get through the day with these large screen phones that have all of these cool features? The answer is no. They can't really get through from morning to night. This is why he has a Mophie case, which has a backup battery built in. Leo's opinion is that battery life really hasn't been able to keep up with the advancements of today's modern smartphones. Although, there is new technology which may be changing all that.