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Episode 976 May 5, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Pranav from California Comments

Pranav is a musician who wants to record some love songs using his iPod. Leo says that he can do that using Garage Band. He's interested in getting a higher quality mic, though. Leo says that Apogee Electronics has a studio quality microphone, called the MiC. It has a 30 pin connector with digital recording support.

Pranav is wondering about the Samson Meteor mic. Leo likes Samson mics, they're very high quality. The size may be an issue, however, and Pranav will probably have to use a connector kit with it because it uses USB. At $70, it is a great deal, though.

Watch Bobby from Columbus, OH Comments

Bobby is wondering if he should upgrade from his current Samsung Galaxy SIII to the new Galaxy SIV.

Leo says the only reason to upgrade would be the SIV's gorgeous screen. However because of that, he'd probably lose some battery life going to the new phone. All things being equal, he doesn't really see a compelling reason to buy the SIV right now. The faster processor doesn't have that much of an impact either.

What about the Galaxy Note II? Leo likes the Note II a lot, but it may be a better idea to wait for the Note III. It'll have 1080p resolution, which will be worth it.

Watch Scott from Pasadena, CA Comments

Scott loves the Google Nexus IV, but it's GSM only with T-Mobile. He's not much a T-Mobile fan, and would like to move it to another network. Leo says that since it's GSM, it only would be able to work with a carrier that uses GSM, which is AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint use a different technology called CDMA.

Google created the Nexus to be a developer phone, and as such, it may only be designed to work with T-Mobile. So he may just be out of luck there. It's a real shame too, because the Nexus phones are really popular. People really want vanilla Android.

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Watch April from San Antonio, TX Comments

April wants to know which copy of Windows to use in BootCamp, Windows 7 or 8? Leo says that Windows 7 is better because the drivers are more mature and it'll be a more stable BootCamp experience. Also, Windows 8 is very touch oriented, which wouldn't be as great running on a Mac. So it's best to stick with Windows 7.

Watch Gordon from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Stan is upgrading his Blackberry phone and wants to know which smartphone to get. Leo says to not count out the Blackberry Q10 through T-Mobile. It'll be like the new Z10, but with a keyboard. If he's used to Blackberry's ecosystem, it'll certainly be a good upgrade. Will they use the "pearl" trackball? Leo says no, Blackberry has discontinued that. Stan liked the pearl though for running through menus quickly.

Stan is also wondering about switching to Android or iPhone. Leo says that since Stan has an iPad, it's probably best to stay in the ecosystem, and T-Mobile is offering iPhones now, so it would be worth upgrading to that. The biggest issue may be not having a physical keyboard, and if he has to have that, there are some Android designs that still offer a slide up keyboard option.

Watch Randy from Ventura, CA Comments

Randy would like a program for Outlook that would enable him to "white list" email addresses so he can avoid spam. Leo says that White Listing is where you approve email addresses and the rest get bounced out or quarantined. Leo says that's an effective way to avoid getting spam, but if someone wants to contact you that you haven't heard from but need to, you're out of luck. And spam filters are so effective now, that white listing is really not necessary now. Leo says using GMail, you get collective spam filtering which as really caused SPAM to drop to nearly nothing. Leo does use a mail provider that has a special script that forwards white listed email to another account, so he never sees the other emails.

There's a great company called MailRoute that will do server side routing that will intercept your mail, filter it, and then route the white listed email to you. Gmail is likely Randy's best bet. The Chatroom says that Spam Assassin is still the best option, it has white listing, score ratings, etc. And you can write a rule in Outlook which would route your white listed email to a VIP folder and pay nothing.

Watch Randy from Mizzoula, MT Comments

Randy wants to be able to print via Bluetooth, but the new Windows Phone doesn't support that anymore. The software he uses only supports Windows Mobile 6.5.

Leo says that emailing to a printer may be a better option moving forward. Android is solving this with Google Cloud Print. It allows printing over the internet to a Cloud Print enabled printer. If there's an Android enabled version of the software, then he can go with an Android phone and print with USB. He could also just email the receipt to his clients directly.

The chatroom says that Invoice2Go is an app that works with Android. That's the most reliable, and better than Bluetooth.

Watch Garrett from Rochester, NY Comments

Garrett has a site where he helps people via youtube videos. He has a personal youtube account and a dedicated youtube account. Is there a way to have one parent account and manage the other channels from that? Leo says you can have sub-channels on one youtube account, but the negative is some people want to subscribe to individual channels. So having separate accounts in the best way to do that. But for what Garrett is doing, it's sufficient to have one account with different sub-channels on that. You can also cross promote your other channels as well.

Check out his site at

Watch Daniel from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Daniel wants to get a new laptop and wants to know which one to buy. Leo he's been using the Asus S7 ultrabook of late, and running Windows 8, it's great. But he also likes Dell and Lenovo for Windows. i5 or i7? Leo says that i5 is sufficient for most stuff and you'll save $300 that way. Get up to 8GB of RAM AND A 1TB hard drive and you're good to go.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Brad from Wyoming Comments

Brad says that getting an inverter in the truck, and then plug in a regular Epson printer and you can print via WiFi. All you need to do is turn on the hotspot or just add wifi and you can't print directly. What about scanning via WiFi? Leo says that scanning to Evernote is a great option and you can do it through your phone. In fact, there's a huge amount of apps on the iPhone that you can use your camera as a scanner and then upload it in PDF format. JotNot Scanner Pro is one. On Android - CamScanner.

There's also a device from Hammacher that scans with the iPhone.

Watch Frankie from Victorville, CA Comments

Frankie is moving to a rural area and would like to have an alternative that's similar to FIOS. Leo says that rural areas are hard because there's not enough in population to justify laying down broadband cable. So that leaves Satellite and 4G. Satellite has the downside of being expensive and that there's a lot of latency. It's also slow and subject to weather. The chatroom also recommends Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Exceed is the best satellite Internet provider.

Watch Patrick from Pomona, CA Comments

Patrick got bit by the FBI virus which theatens to prosecute you. Leo says that is ransomware scam which says if you send a MoneyPak card to them, they'll unlock your computer and leave you alone. It's designed to use fear and make people act without thinking and just pay them. And it's costing people millions annually. If you get any virus, the only real way to get rid of it is to backup your data (if you can) and then format the hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. DO NOT EVER PAY A HACKER TO UNLOCK YOUR COMPUTER! They won't really free your computer, because they'll be inviting more viruses to the party. Just format and reinstall.

Watch Travis from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Travis has an old Dell PC that has Windows XP and has been bit by viruses. What he'd like to do is not only start over, but start over with Linux. But unfortunately, his optical drive isn't working right. Leo says that even if the optical drive is seen by the PC, if it's not reading a disc, it's likely their broken. Could it work if he clean out the dust? Leo suggests to use a small hand vacuum to suck out the dust, that would avoid static electricity. But also check the connectors themself. But a DVD drive is very cheap to replace. Avoid blowing dust, that creates static electricity.

But Linux is a great option ... Leo recommends Ubuntu.

Watch Joe from Kansas City, MO Comments

Joe has his own radio station on a "mom and pop" radio station and he wants to expand to the Internet. He'd like to do it legal, but also do it free. Leo says that streaming music is more expensive than broadcast. Leo recommends going to They will take care of the license fees and it's not very expensive. You can get a free account, but it's ad supported. It's not that expensive to have a paid account and it's a great option.

Watch Pete from Florida Comments

Pete bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab with 4g and uses the hotspot to connect his computer. But after a few months, the tablet started dropping him from the hotspot signal. Leo says that a MiFi would've been a better option. And if he's replaced it a few times, there's clearly an ongoing design issue here. A guest in the studio says that the tablet may have a bad phone number. Go to Verizon and ask them to change it.

Watch Isaac from Banning, CA Comments

Isaac says that Epson has a scanning feature in it's AirPrint App which would enable people to scan images via WiFi.

Watch Sandy from California Comments

Sandy's daughter is traveling to China and she wants to be able to stay in touch. Leo says Sandy will want to tell her daughter to turn off the data roaming feature in her smartphone and just use it via WiFi. That way she can connect and make calls using Skype. She should just be careful to only use her phone on Wi-Fi, though.