What's a good All-in-One Windows system?

Episode 975 (1:41:57)

Savon from California
Vizio All-In-One PC

Savon needs to get new servers and a system at work and he's considering whether to stay with Windows or go with an Apple iMac. They're so clean and easy to use, a lot less cables, etc. Leo says that's a great feature of the iMac, and it can actually be used as a Windows machine. That said, there are now plenty of iMac-like all-in-one Windows machines out there too. Even though Walt Mossberg thinks the best Windows Machine ever is a Mac, Leo believes that running Windows natively works best on a machine built for Windows.

The Dell XPS One is a great all-in-one option. Vizio has this with a gorgeous all-in-one PC. Another option is the HP Z1 All-In-One. If he still needs Windows XP, it can be run virtually through Windows 7.