Is there a way to watch the NFL on the Roku?

Episode 975 (27:55)

Nick from Devine, TX

Nick has AT&T U-Verse and a Panasonic Viera TV. He wants to completely cut the cable cord and watch all of his favorite sports online. Leo says it depends on the sport because some professional sporting leagues have a more open approach to the internet than others. Nick likes football, and Leo says that the NFL is gradually moving toward streaming. The SuperBowl was streamed live this year and last year.

The NBA, NHL, and MLB all have apps on the Roku Box. DirecTV has a deal with Sony for Sunday Ticket on the Playstation exclusively.

There is a new company called Aereo that is designed to bring major market live over-the-air TV to the internet. Aereo is an array of dime sized antennas that are located on the top of buildings in an area, and each subscriber to Aereo has an antenna. Then the subscriber can access the content coming into that antenna on the internet. It's limited to certain big cities right now, but it's an interesting idea.