Should I upgrade my old Windows XP desktop or get a new PC?

Episode 975 (47:54)

Mike from Syracuse, NY

Mike has an old XP Windows desktop, and the hard drive is getting a bit noisy. Leo says that's the first sign of hard drive failure. Being proactive and replacing it now before it goes down permanently is a good idea. He should back up his data and then replace it. Hard drives are cheap. Should he upgrade to a newer version of Windows? Leo says yes, if for no other reason because Microsoft will end of life XP next April. There will be no updates or security patches.

He could just buy a new computer. Instead of buying Windows and a new hard drive, he may as well just spend a little more and get a newer and more powerful computer. It will come with Windows 8, which is a touch-centric operating system. Many desktop users hate that. However, he can get Start8 and ModernMix from StarDock for $5 each and turn Windows 8 into the standard interface.