As a first time smartphone user, should I get iPhone or Android?

Episode 975 (1:08:38)

Carol from LaVerne, CA

Carol's family has iPhones, but she's wondering whether she should get the iPhone or the phone Leo got for his Mom, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Leo says that since most of the family uses iPhones, then Carol should get an iPhone. That'll make it easier for her kids to support it. It's also an easier phone to introduce people to the whole smartphone universe. The iPhone also has really good accessibility settings such as making the font bigger one some apps, email and messages. Then there's Facetime which works great within the Apple ecosystem. So that's another reason to stick with the family.

She's also unsure of which iPhone to get, the 4S or 5? Leo says that the 4S is fine.

When is the iPhone 6 coming out? Leo says the conventional wisdom is the fall, but we don't really know if it'll even be an iPhone 6. It'll probably just be an iPhone 5S.