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Watch Mikey from Seattle, WA Comments

Mikey has an old 20080 Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, and he wants to upgrade the hard drive in it. He wants to know if any 2.5" hard drive will work, and if he can install Snow Leopard on it.

Leo recommends going to to get the hard drive. They're Mac specific and if they say it'll work, it will. While Mikey is at it, he may want to consider an SSD (solid state drive) instead. That would make it a lot faster. Leo says to go to Mountain Lion instead of Snow Leopard if he can. If a program prefers Snow Leopard, he can always upgrade to Mountain Lion once that program supports it. Apple still sells Snow Leopard for $19.99. He'll have to purchase iLife though, since that only comes free with new Macs.

Watch Nick from Devine, TX Comments

Nick has AT&T U-Verse and a Panasonic Viera TV. He wants to completely cut the cable cord and watch all of his favorite sports online. Leo says it depends on the sport because some professional sporting leagues have a more open approach to the internet than others. Nick likes football, and Leo says that the NFL is gradually moving toward streaming. The SuperBowl was streamed live this year and last year.

The NBA, NHL, and MLB all have apps on the Roku Box. DirecTV has a deal with Sony for Sunday Ticket on the Playstation exclusively.

There is a new company called Aereo that is designed to bring major market live over-the-air TV to the internet. Aereo is an array of dime sized antennas that are located on the top of buildings in an area, and each subscriber to Aereo has an antenna. Then the subscriber can access the content coming into that antenna on the internet. It's limited to certain big cities right now, but it's an interesting idea.

Watch Mike from Syracuse, NY Comments

Mike has an old XP Windows desktop, and the hard drive is getting a bit noisy. Leo says that's the first sign of hard drive failure. Being proactive and replacing it now before it goes down permanently is a good idea. He should back up his data and then replace it. Hard drives are cheap. Should he upgrade to a newer version of Windows? Leo says yes, if for no other reason because Microsoft will end of life XP next April. There will be no updates or security patches.

He could just buy a new computer. Instead of buying Windows and a new hard drive, he may as well just spend a little more and get a newer and more powerful computer. It will come with Windows 8, which is a touch-centric operating system. Many desktop users hate that. However, he can get Start8 and ModernMix from StarDock for $5 each and turn Windows 8 into the standard interface.

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Watch Carol from LaVerne, CA Comments

Carol's family has iPhones, but she's wondering whether she should get the iPhone or the phone Leo got for his Mom, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Leo says that since most of the family uses iPhones, then Carol should get an iPhone. That'll make it easier for her kids to support it. It's also an easier phone to introduce people to the whole smartphone universe. The iPhone also has really good accessibility settings such as making the font bigger one some apps, email and messages. Then there's Facetime which works great within the Apple ecosystem. So that's another reason to stick with the family.

She's also unsure of which iPhone to get, the 4S or 5? Leo says that the 4S is fine.

When is the iPhone 6 coming out? Leo says the conventional wisdom is the fall, but we don't really know if it'll even be an iPhone 6. It'll probably just be an iPhone 5S.

Watch Scott (GScott) from Lake Tahoe, NV Comments

Scott is lookin' at buying the Samsung Galaxy Note II for his first smartphone. He wonders if voice recognition is good. Leo says that it is, and even better than Apple's. On top of that, Samsung's voice recognition, which is based on VLingo, is also available. So Scott will have a choice of which one will work best.

Watch Scott (GScott) from Lake Tahoe, NV Comments

Scott can't find where in Windows 8 he can shut down his computer. Leo says it's in the "charms bar." He just needs to move the mouse to the right, or hit Windows key + C, and click on the settings icon. Under that, he'll see the power button to select shut down. For a Windows 8 tablet, it really isn't important to turn it off.

Watch Savon from California Comments

Savon needs to get new servers and a system at work and he's considering whether to stay with Windows or go with an Apple iMac. They're so clean and easy to use, a lot less cables, etc. Leo says that's a great feature of the iMac, and it can actually be used as a Windows machine. That said, there are now plenty of iMac-like all-in-one Windows machines out there too. Even though Walt Mossberg thinks the best Windows Machine ever is a Mac, Leo believes that running Windows natively works best on a machine built for Windows.

The Dell XPS One is a great all-in-one option. Vizio has this with a gorgeous all-in-one PC. Another option is the HP Z1 All-In-One. If he still needs Windows XP, it can be run virtually through Windows 7.

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Watch Ben from Stafford, UK Comments

Ben is using LastPass and he's wondering if it's secure if he makes up all the passwords. Leo suggests having LastPass generate all the passwords so he doesn't have to make up or input them. It has a built in password generator to help. Also, he should install the browser extension and get the app for his smartphone.

Watch Dave from San Clemente, CA Comments

Dave accidentally stepped on his laptop screen and broke it. He bought a new computer to transfer the data and got stuck with Windows 8. Leo says to return it and call Dell to request a Windows 7 machine. As for migrating the data over, Leo suggests telling the salesman at a big box store that he'll buy the computer if they'll transfer the data for free. Or he can get a universal drive adapter that he can plug that hard drive into and then connect it directly. NewerTech makes a great one.

Watch Scott from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Scott just got a new iPhone 5 and found out he can't use it without iTunes 11 -- he would have to update his OS as well! Leo says that's true, but Apple handles sync over the air now, so he doesn't really have to sync directly. He can use iCloud and iTunes Match, if he's a subscriber of it, to sync his music. He can also sync via Google Services.