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Episode 974 April 28, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Greg from Burbank, CA Comments

Greg keeps getting viruses on his computer, and wonders if there's a PC cleaner that would take care of this. Leo says no, there's no cleaner that will successfully remove all malware. Greg says he has a computer guy that cleans the viruses off, but they keep coming back. That raises concerns that the technician isn't getting them all. Once the wall has been breached, viruses can be inviting others in. Greg says that his technician has been reformatting and reinstalling the operating system, which is good.

Leo says that every security expert in the world will say the only way to be sure the viruses are gone is to erase the hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. Then run all Windows updates.

It all comes down to user behavior. He can have antivirus and cleaners such as MalwareBytes, but unless he avoids sites and services where malware lives, he's going to keep getting viruses.

Watch Peter from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Peter just bought his father an Apple TV and wants an easy way to switch from it to the regular box. Leo says the Logitech Harmony One is great because it's very programmable. It can, however, be unreliable.

There's also an HDMI router from Gefen which claims to be automatic. It then picks up a signal and automatically switches it. Dr. Mom in the chatroom says there's too many handshake issues, though. Leo says they've probably gotten better, and he could get a great deal on an HDMI AutoSwitch at Monoprice pretty cheap.

Watch Kapeil from California Comments

Kapeil bought a Blu-Ray player not too long ago and video from it looks plastic, like a soap opera. Leo says that Kapeil's Panasonic LCD TV is set to a high frame rate (either 120 or 240Hz), but the Blu-ray streams it as 30fps. So the TV "interpolates" by adding frames, and upconverts the video. Kapeil needs to go into the program settings and disable interpolation. Panasonic calls this "Smooth Motion".

Watch Thomas from Boston, MA Comments

Thomas will be a social media intern for his school, with an emphasis on podcasting. The best part is he's getting paid for it. Leo says that this is a new world medium, and kids coming out of school should be aware of it. Thomas needs some good mobile gear that enables him to do professional quality podcasts on the go.

Leo says that the Blue Yeti has a built in USB, so all Thomas would need is a laptop to plug into. Leo also likes the Zoom H4n, which supports up to 4 microphones and does on board mixing. It records directly to an SD card.

The chatroom says if he adds the Blu Encore 200 microphone to the Zoom H4N, he'd have a full digital audio workstation.

Watch Thomas from Boston, MA Comments

Thomas also wants to know if the Windows Surface tablet has accessibility. Leo says not as well as the iPad. The iPad is fully equipped with accessibility features. Thomas was considering the Surface RT tablet because he depends heavily on SkyDrive. Leo says there is a SkyDrive app for the iPad that he could use though.

He also uses OneNote, which also is available on the iPad.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Fennis from Pomona, CA Comments

Fennis has a pair of bluetooth headphones and would like them to be in stereo. He tried a dongle he bought on eBay and it didn't work. Leo says that's because it's probably not A2DP compatible. Fennis really needs to get headphones or dongles that support A2DP.

Web4510 in the chatroom suggests a Greymobile's USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle.

Watch Gil from Whittier, CA Comments

Gil wants to breath new life into his old Dell 2.8 Ghz P4. Leo says that's pretty old and it's not really worth putting a lot of money into. Gil could beef up the memory to 4GB. That would help a little. Go to or and use their memory tool to find the right memory. At that age, it's probably better to apply that money to a new computer.

Watch Mike from Portland, ME Comments

Mike needs to buy an unlocked, GSM phone. Leo says that Amazon Wireless is a great option for getting GSM phones. The Google Nexus 4 is a pure Google experience with 4G, but it won't do LTE.

Another place to go is Expansys, but their phones are unsubsidized. They're also from Europe, so they're more powerful and have better features.

Another option is to get an unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple. Verizon is offering a worldphone iPhone 5, which is unlocked for GSM as well.

Watch Michael from Gainsville, FL Comments

Michael has an old Dell computer running XP Pro, but is wondering how long he'll be able to continue with it. Leo says that Windows XP is pretty solid. He really doesn't have to worry about it being left behind in the near future unless a particular program requires a new version.

In about a year, Microsoft will stop updating the OS with security patches. So he should be able to safely use it for at least a year yet. Hackers will likely just move on to Windows 7 and 8 anyway. In fact, most attacks don't occur on Windows anymore, but third party applications like Flash, Java, and Adobe Reader.

Watch Tricia from Brea, CA Comments

Tricia is in charge of researching email marketing and wants to know the best techniques. Leo says that Constant Contact is the biggest and they're very good. Mail Chimp is a good option as well.

Email marketing is a challenge because one man's treasure is another man's spam. So it's important to be very careful. Leo says that having people "double opt-in" is the best policy because it gives users twice the options to ask for newsletter updates.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Therese from Philadelphia, PA Comments

Therese wants to get a Samsung Brightside flip phone. She doesn't want to pay for a data plan. Leo says that feature phones are a thing of the past and while they have great battery life, the cutting edge of technology is leading people to having an always-on connection to the net in their pocket. Unfortunately Leo can't give too many good recommendations for this, other than just to hold the phone and see if she likes how it feels. Aesthetics aside, they all are essentially the same.

Watch Don from California Comments

Don just got an iPhone from Verizon and doesn't know if he needs the SIM chip. The chatroom says that the SIM chip is for the LTE data plan.

Verizon also sells phones that can be used all over the world and the SIM port is for that purpose.

Watch Don from Arizona Comments

Don really likes SpeakEvents for those looking for a better narrator on the iPhone. This does require jailbreaking the iPhone first, however, since Apple doesn't give third party programs access to do this.

Watch Jack from Palm Beach, FL Comments

Jack knows of a guy at Stanford who is developing custom cancer vaccines using DNA from a tobacco plant. It's not cheap, however, at $250,000 per treatment.
The idea is that the plant that caused the cancer could recognize it's own DNA and become self-healing. Leo says that sounds like Homeopathy.

Watch Gary from Oceanside, CA Comments

Gary is involved with a network of all things thermography, and is wondering if Leo has done anything with thermal imaging. Leo says he hasn't, but we're all aware of it thanks to the FLIR (forward looking infrared) pictures from the Boston tragedy of the suspect in the boat.

Primarily, though, it's being used in the building sciences. They have people using it to find leaks in roofs, moisture intrusion through walls, energy efficiency and more.

Watch Roberto from Seattle, WA Comments

Roberto wants to raise money for a project and he wants to know how to make a Kickstarter campaign successful. Leo says that Kickstarter needs to accept him and if he already has an established business, they won't allow him in. He also needs to give great thought into reward levels. He'll have to create a video that has a prototype product too, not just a rendering.

Here's Roberto's Throwboy Kickstarter site.

Watch Don from Palmdale, CA Comments

Don's email isn't getting to the recipient. Leo says they could be gleaned out by spam filters. Internet service providers may use a "black hole" service to block mail from spam senders and Don could've been put on a black list. So Don needs to research this to find out if he's been placed on a blacklist. Some go so far as to block all webmail from places like Yahoo.