Is there a way to recover a Windows password?

Episode 973 (2:01:53)

Jim from United Kingdom

Jim has built his own Windows Computer. He likes that the new Windows 8 just requires a 4 digit pin to log in, but he's lost the password and didn't choose the PIN. Leo says that worst case scenario, he can reinstall Windows and start over. Leo also says that LastPass is great for things like this because he can have both on his smartphone as well and look it up if he forgets it. He'd also get a real strong password in the process.

Leo says that there are some password crackers that can help bypass the password challenge. From the chatroom, there's a scary workaround that enables a user to log in without the need of third party software. Check it out here. It uses sticky keys and NetUser command from the command line to reset a password. Leo says it's a crazy hole, maybe even a backdoor, that Microsoft should fix. Another option is to attach his Windows login to Windows Live.