Johnny Jet

Episode 973 (1:31:27)

Johnny Jet is in France this week and he wants to talk about currency and how you can use your phone to keep up on exchange rates. He's got an app on his phone that helps him make the exchange rate. Leo says that Google has an up to date currency calculator built in as well. And it has drop downs for other languages and a graph that shows the exchange rate over time.
Apps include Currency, and XE. Johnny also has an old grandfathered Blackberry account that he uses just for international travel. It just costs him $20 extra for the trip.

Johnny also says that everywhere in France, restaurants have WiFi and if you politely ask for the code, they'll give them to you. Johnny also says to use banking partners of your bank in Europe and you won't have to pay an ATM fee when getting money overseas.

Also, pay attention to credit card foreign transaction fees. Some won't at all, like Capital One, Chase Visa, and Sapphire. Amex as well, but it's not widely accepted in Europe. Another problem in Europe is that international credit cards have data chips and US cards don't. So you need to be sure you have a 4 digit Pin so they'll accept your card and even then, some places won't.

3 countries in 1 day:
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