How can I get my business undeleted from Google?

Episode 973 (1:08:09)

Vincent from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Vincent has a service area business, noticed a significant drop in business, and discovered that it was a problem with Google. Apparently, when Google activated Google+ and migrated data from Google Maps, a lot of these businesses had been deleted. Unfortunately, he has found that Google is apologetic but doesn't seem to have a solution. Now his business doesn't show up in Google Places anymore. This is a big issue because Leo says if a business isn't showing up in Google, it pretty much doesn't exist online.

Leo thinks this isn't a bug, and a conscious decision by Google. They seem to of decided that if a place doesn't do business at a specific location, and there's no foot traffic, they won't include it in their database. He does have a website, at Leo thinks the website should list his location prominently, perhaps in the page title. If anyone has any other suggestions, make sure to comment and share.