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Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis is concerned with privacy and Google Glass. He's seen interviews with journalists like Robert Scoble who have admitted to wearing them while going into public bathrooms. Leo says that one of the features of taking images is a very loud audible click and having to verbally say "take image." It's designed so the subject knows that they're being imaged. What about video? Leo says that there should be a red light. Leo says, however, that he does like being able to do a search on the fly with Google Glass to get information via facial recognition when he would meet someone he can't remember.

Privacy concerns aside, the larger worry is not paying attention while users are engaged in what's on the screen.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom says that cellphone use while driving is bad and that we're overdue to have technology that can prevent accidents by applying breaks automatically (with infrared rangefinding technology). Leo says that autonomous vehicle technology exists now, and many companies use LIDAR to determine if a car is drifting, and adaptive cruise control to slow down if the car gets too close.

Google has a lot of experience with autonomous driving since their mapping technology is completely autonomous and have been for many years without incident. What's been keeping us from adopting it is actually wrong thinking. Now that we have LIDAR, we can move forward with cars that can actually drive themselves. It's all possible, we even have planes that fly and land themselves now.

It could be that people are just afraid of it. Alan Mullaly of Ford says that culturally, people love to drive, which is the big issue. Leo says that slowly over time this technology will be incorporated until people are just used to the car driving itself.

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Watch Dan from Tulsa, OK Comments

Dan says that today's modern semis have autonomous driving technology already, including braking when too close, correction for drifting, etc. Leo wonders if that's insulting to a professional driver, but Dan says not at all, and he loves it. Leo says that when a machine is designed and tested properly, it can function better than humans. We see it in airlines all the time as the planes are being landed by auto pilot. So it's coming to the roads now, and he thinks it's great.

Watch Vincent from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Vincent has a service area business, noticed a significant drop in business, and discovered that it was a problem with Google. Apparently, when Google activated Google+ and migrated data from Google Maps, a lot of these businesses had been deleted. Unfortunately, he has found that Google is apologetic but doesn't seem to have a solution. Now his business doesn't show up in Google Places anymore. This is a big issue because Leo says if a business isn't showing up in Google, it pretty much doesn't exist online.

Leo thinks this isn't a bug, and a conscious decision by Google. They seem to of decided that if a place doesn't do business at a specific location, and there's no foot traffic, they won't include it in their database. He does have a website, at Leo thinks the website should list his location prominently, perhaps in the page title. If anyone has any other suggestions, make sure to comment and share.

Watch Norm from Upland, CA Comments

David's laptop shuts down while he's playing Call of Duty. Leo says that's a protective measure. If the laptop gets too hot, it will shut down by design. The best thing he can do is make sure the laptop has free flowing air all around it so it can cool itself. Make sure that dust isn't blocking the airflow slots. Look to see if the laptop's fans are working properly. It could also be the thermal paste has been misapplied to the processor. It may be worth bringing in to get looked at.

Watch David (DavidBix) from New York, NY Comments

David built a home theater PC and when he boots up, his sound card doesn't remember the settings to be able to watch TV. Leo says that's been a common problem and can be very frustrating. There has to be a way to save settings somewhere, but Windows isn't offering to do that. Leo has a hunch it's the source that should be saving it, and that would be the sound card driver. The chatroom says that the user access control (UAC) will prevent remembering.

PadreSJ says that there's a hack that if he uses an HDMI cable with Pin 19 removed, it'll not only remember settings, but HDCP will stop working as well.

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Watch Jim from United Kingdom Comments

Jim has built his own Windows Computer. He likes that the new Windows 8 just requires a 4 digit pin to log in, but he's lost the password and didn't choose the PIN. Leo says that worst case scenario, he can reinstall Windows and start over. Leo also says that LastPass is great for things like this because he can have both on his smartphone as well and look it up if he forgets it. He'd also get a real strong password in the process.

Leo says that there are some password crackers that can help bypass the password challenge. From the chatroom, there's a scary workaround that enables a user to log in without the need of third party software. Check it out here. It uses sticky keys and NetUser command from the command line to reset a password. Leo says it's a crazy hole, maybe even a backdoor, that Microsoft should fix. Another option is to attach his Windows login to Windows Live.

Watch Julie from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca Comments

Julie gets terrible cell reception in her home. How can she make it better? Leo says the best way is to use a "FemtoCell" or Wireless Network extender. The FemToCell will then use her home internet connection to connect her calls when she's at home. If she contacts the wireless company and tells them she needs a FemToCell for coverage, they'll provide her with the hardware she needs.

Watch Penny from Sacramento, California Comments

Penny just put her home theater Mac Mini into a cabinet to childproof it and now it's overheating. Leo says that needs better airflow. Raising it off the cabinet shelf is a good idea, or take it out and put it higher up so it can stay cooler.

The chatroom says that a Standout AV cabinet has built in fans that would keep it really cool and the fans are quiet. A fan that has a nice large blade will move a lot of air and keep the temperature in the cabinet cooler. A fan blowing both in and out is the best option.

Watch Morgan from Orange County, CA Comments

Morgan got a new PC and hates Windows 8. Should she downgrade to Windows 7? Leo says no. He recommends buying StarDock's Start8. It'll bring back the start menu and it's only $5. Leo uses it and it's a lot better that way.