What high-end CAD class computer should I get my son for graduation?

Episode 972 (2:11:35)

Adam from Putnam Valley, NY

Adam wants to buy his son a computer for a graduation present. Leo says that while that's a great notion, he may be better off with a gift card from a site like Newegg.com so he can build what he wants.

Leo says he should get an i7 processor, at least 8-16GB of RAM, a large hard drive and a nice, large screen or two. In fact, buy the monitors and then give him a gift card for the rest.

The Chatroom suggests iBuyPower.com. They say it's a great source for custom high end computers and parts.

What about support? Leo says that not even the big boys have good support these days because the margins are so small. Check out the PCPerspectives Leaderboard for the best current configurations.

The Chatroom says that Lenovo is the way to go because they have 4 hour turn around time. There's also Falcon Northwest and Doghouse Systems which make great stuff. Here's a great article on building your own PC.