The New HTC One Android Phone Is Beautiful, But Has Its Flaws

Episode 972 (05:42)

Leo got the HTC One and it has some very interesting features. First, the camera is only 4MP. The thinking is that the majority post to social media, so they decided to use less megapixels and just make the pixels larger so that they handle low light better.

It also has a great app called Zoe, which not only shoots images, but a few seconds before and after. It has a feature called 'Best Smile' that will take a series of images and instantly put them together to make sure everyone is smiling and have their eyes open. Zoe will automatically create a montage video of the day's events every single day from video and photos.

The 4.7" LCD screen is stunning. 1920x1080 full HD. It has a unibody aluminum frame, and is 4G/LTE capable.

The downside is the terrible battery life. Leo can't get through the entire day with it if he does anything other than make phone calls. There's no removable battery either, so he had to be charging at least once throughout the day.