How can I play music from my iPhone on a Google TV? (Part 1)

Episode 972 (1:04:54)

Jeff from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Apple TV

Jeff has an iPhone 5 and wants to stream music to his Sony stereo through GoogleTV.

Leo says that he can't use Airplay unless the receiver is supported by Airplay. He can get it to work via aVia, but it plays at about 1/3rd speed. Leo says that Media:Connect is a DLNA program, and Airplay is just an Apple proprietary form of DLNA, so it sort of works. Clearly, it doesn't work that well though.

Beastmaster in the chatroom suggests PlugPlayer. aVia should work with the iPhone, but it may not work well with his Sony stereo. Leo suggests also looking into AirPlayIt

For a hardware solution, there's AppleTV with an Airport Express.

He also could get a Sonos Bridge which would play content from his phone but also a variety of other internet sources through his stereo.