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Episode 972 April 21, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Cameron from Cental Point, OR Comments

Cameron has a 2TB Western Digital hard drive, but his computer isn't able to use it. Leo says that since Cameron had Windows XP, unless he has the Service Packs installed, Windows won't be able to see that much space. He moved to Vista, which should be able to see that however.

It could be that his older hard drive controller won't support that large of a drive. He should check to see if there's an update to BIOS for the motherboard he's using, and check to specs for the controller on the motherboard to see if it can actually handle the larger drive.

Watch Tony from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tony's son wants to start a website and wants to know what he needs to do to get started. Leo says purchasing a URL is a good idea, but he doesn't have to. He could start off with a free site like WordPress or Blogger. If he wants to learn web design and start from scratch, then Leo advises using a Linux LAMP Stack (Linux Apache My SQL and PHP). A very easy way to do it on the PC is to use XAMPP from Apache Friends. It has a simple installer that can install even to Windows. Then he can create an internal site and when he's ready to launch it, he can get the domain name, a hosting company, etc.

Watch Douglas from Paris, CA Comments

Doug wants to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. He does audio recording with Audacity. Leo says that Windows 8 is essentially Windows 7 with a metro, tablet interface. Leo has taken Windows 8 and changed it to look like Windows 7 with a utility called StarDock. This is helpful because Windows 7 is getting harder to find, especially on a new computer. If he decides to get a touch screen computer, then Windows 8 is fine. If it's annoying for him, he can always get StarDock to make it work like Windows 7.

He could just get Windows 7 though. Leo says Home Premium would be sufficient. Microsoft makes it way too confusing than it needs to be with their 8 different versions. Should he get 64 or 32 bit? Leo says if he's got 4GB of RAM, go with 32 bit. If he has more RAM, he'll need 64 bit. The upgrade version is way cheaper than buying the full version.

Watch Steve from California Comments

Steve has a PC and Mac. When he uses Firefox on the Mac, however, he gets an error message whenever the browser would crash. Leo says that message is telling him that when he reopens the browser, the tabs and windows he had open will come back up when he relaunches the browser. He can disable this setting if he doesn't want it to do this.

Watch Steve from California Comments

Steve would also like to capture images off of a DVD, but it won't let him do it. Leo says that is an antipiracy measure. DVD players won't allow it. There's always a way around it, though.

He can go into his video card properties setting and turn off video acceleration. Then Cmd-Shift-3 will capture it. Another option is to use VLC Media player to play his DVDs.

Watch Jim from Lawrenceville, GA Comments

Jim is looking to buy a MacBook with Retina display laptop and wonders if he should wait until the new Haswell chip comes. Leo says that while he normally doesn't recommend waiting, since Jim is traveling, it may be a good idea to wait. Since Jim is looking to get a 13" model, it won't burn battery power as much, but Jim may be waiting awhile. So he should wait as long as he can and then decide. If it's taking too long, then just get it. It'll still run great.

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Watch Jeff from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Jeff has an iPhone 5 and wants to stream music to his Sony stereo through GoogleTV.

Leo says that he can't use Airplay unless the receiver is supported by Airplay. He can get it to work via aVia, but it plays at about 1/3rd speed. Leo says that Media:Connect is a DLNA program, and Airplay is just an Apple proprietary form of DLNA, so it sort of works. Clearly, it doesn't work that well though.

Beastmaster in the chatroom suggests PlugPlayer. aVia should work with the iPhone, but it may not work well with his Sony stereo. Leo suggests also looking into AirPlayIt

For a hardware solution, there's AppleTV with an Airport Express.

He also could get a Sonos Bridge which would play content from his phone but also a variety of other internet sources through his stereo.

Watch Jeff from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Jeff is also becoming an "RVer" and wants to know what wireless is best. Leo says 3G/4G from either Verizon or AT&T, depending on where he's traveling. Leo recommends getting a MiFi, so he can connect all of his devices, but he should be mindful of bandwidth caps.

Watch Mike from California Comments

Mike's friend has a Compaq Presario that no longer will boot up since installing Windows Updates. He was able to get it to boot up into a Linux boot CD, however. Leo says that the hard drive has likely failed, and that it was just coincidental with the Windows Update.

Watch Carlton from Knoxville, TN Comments

Carlton has three Samsung Galaxy Notes and wants to know how he can get his music from iTunes to Android. Leo says he can do this with Doubletwist. He can not only sync, but sync over WiFi (with AirSync). He can also store all of his music in the cloud using either Google Music or the Amazon MP3 player.

Watch Claudia from North Edwards, CA Comments

Claudia has satellite Internet and sometimes it doesn't work. Leo says that's the nature of the Satellite beast. It's expensive, slow, and sometimes it just doesn't work. It could be bad weather or technical difficulties. Leo suggests rebooting or restarting the satellite modem.

Watch John from Montebello, CA Comments

John has a MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt Display and an LG Display, but he can't connect the displays together via miniHDMI.

Leo says that Apple isn't using a standard connection spec with Thunderbolt. Could he use a Thunderbolt port on a Mac? Leo says that even with the same connector, a third party cable won't work.

From the Chatroom - SimplyCharlie is using a MiniHDMI with a Thunderbolt monitor and it works for him. He says daisy chaining may be the issue. Leo says that makes sense and it's likely Apple hasn't designed it with pass through video.

Watch Patty from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

Patty has forgotten her username and password for a new Office 365 login and can't remember it. Leo says that Patty's other accounts will still work. What about her Outlook account? Leo says that she could call Microsoft and let them know what her account number is and they'll help her create a new account. They may also be able to tell her what her account is by using her secondary recovery login/password credential.

Watch Rod from Shelby, MT Comments

Rod has a Razr Maxx Android smartphone. He wants to know how to kill applications once he's done with them. Leo says that with the recent versions of Android, killing apps is no longer necessary. The OS will stop the app once he exits from it. Leo says that RAM management isn't really an issue for Android. If RAM starts to run low, Android will automatically kill the oldest process if it's running in the background.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Tom from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Tom wants to switch from AT&T to Sprint for LTE. Leo says that depending on how good the coverage is, Sprint LTE is a great option because it's unlimited. Sprint is being very aggressive in competing with both AT&T and Verizon. Tom is thinking about getting a cheap tablet from AT&T, then cancel it to go to Sprint. It'll cost him less and he'll get a new phone and a tablet, plus make $25. Leo says to read the fine print on that, though.

Will Sprint do simultaneous Voice and data? Leo says not yet, but it's coming. Everyone is moving to that. He's worried that while he's on the phone he won't get texts or emails. Leo says Tom will get texts, but not email until after the phone call is over. If he's online and the phone rings, Leo says it just will bump him off in favor of the phone call. Leo says it's really not a big deal because he'd rarely have to use both at the same time.

Leo says that his scheme is probably more trouble than it's worth. The $99 tablet is likely to be junk. Considering he can buy a superior Nexus 7 for $199, why deal with it?

Watch Adam from Putnam Valley, NY Comments

Adam wants to buy his son a computer for a graduation present. Leo says that while that's a great notion, he may be better off with a gift card from a site like so he can build what he wants.

Leo says he should get an i7 processor, at least 8-16GB of RAM, a large hard drive and a nice, large screen or two. In fact, buy the monitors and then give him a gift card for the rest.

The Chatroom suggests They say it's a great source for custom high end computers and parts.

What about support? Leo says that not even the big boys have good support these days because the margins are so small. Check out the PCPerspectives Leaderboard for the best current configurations.

The Chatroom says that Lenovo is the way to go because they have 4 hour turn around time. There's also Falcon Northwest and Doghouse Systems which make great stuff. Here's a great article on building your own PC.

Watch Ken from Wisconsin Comments

Ken is a trucker and he wants to know how he can access his home DVR. Leo says SLINGBOX is the way to go. All he'll need is an internet connection and he can watch live TV from a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. He should just make sure to have two tuners in his satellite so he doesn't change the channel on people at home. Dish has a deal with Slingbox that has a DVR with Slingbox built-in.