Technology Proves to Be Two Edged Sword in Boston Bomber Case

Episode 971 (02:00)

While it's likely that the terrorists learned how to build their bombs from information found on the Internet, it was the high resolution security cameras, thermal imaging, and personal cellphone cameras that helped identify the Boston Bombers to ultimately bring them to justice.

Privacy advocates are very worried that there's no more privacy in a society that has security cameras everywhere, but Leo says that maybe we have to rethink that since those cameras were instrumental in finding the Boston Marathon bombers.

Social media also helped keep people in the loop with real time coverage of the events. It also served as a "pitch in the dirt" to the news media which jumped on every single tweet whether right or wrong. And a lot of the time, they simply got it wrong.

Who was the big winner? Bing Maps, which everyone used to show where the boat was that the bomber was hiding. Although many news anchors misidentifed it as Google Maps.