Scott Wilkinson

Episode 971 (23:07)

Scott has a couple questions about home theater setups in basements.

Stanford wants to know how to connect wireless headphones to his HDTV. Scott says there's always a minijack that allows you to plug headphones in. But you'll likely need an adapter which lets you plug it in. It'll be analog, but it'll work great.

John wants to know what speaker package he can get for $250 that will plug into his Oknyo. Scott says at that price point, a sound bar is probably the best choice. But if you can spend a little more, Pioneer has a 5.1 speaker package for under $600 that sounds like you paid thousands. They are designed by Andrew Jones at Pioneer, who has built ultra high quality speakers. So, Scott advises that if you can spend more, get the Pioneer package.

Scott writes that he wants to put a rear projector into a wall in the back of his basement, but the ceiling is too low to hang one, so he wants to go rear projection. Scott says you can get a rear projection screen and put it behind that. Will you lose any image quality? Scott says no. The key is the screen itself. Stewart makes a rear projection screen. Blue Ocean is another. The problem though, is that the screen material is VERY expensive. You'll want to drop at least $3,000 (the Epson 5020 is fabulous) and then the screen, which will kill you. the Stewart material is called STARGLASS and it's not cheap.

But what about 3D content? Scott says that there may be some interference with the 3D glasses, so you'll need an IR extender and put it in just the right spot.