Johnny Jet

Episode 971 (1:29:36)

Johnny Jet got through customs in Canada really quickly today because he has a Global Entry Card. For $100, you get a GE Card that represents that you've been vetted and a background check made. What the GE card does is speed your re-entry into country. They take your fingerprints and do an iris scan. And then, when you check in, it's a few minutes from terminal to gate. Great for business travelers. Leo likes it and wants to go.

Other cards you can apply for are Nexus (which is Canadian), and Clear. Clear shortens the security line. Leo says there's fewer airports and the Clear agent cuts in front of the line, which is embarrassing. Johnny says TSA PreCheck is the best. It's for domestic flights only and they don't always accept you. But you don't have to take off your shoes, remove your laptop, etc. If you have Global Entry, you have TSA PreCheck. If you're an American Express Platinum Card holder, American Express will reimburse you.