What should I look for when buying a laptop?

Episode 970 (16:25)

Charlene from Westchester, NY
Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

Charlene would like to get a new laptop that has a large screen. Leo says that will impact her mobility, but if Charlene is looking for a desktop replacement, then it may make more sense to have a larger screen and more power.

Should I get a solid state drive?
Leo says that SSD drives start up faster, run faster, and he doesn't get a computer anymore without them. She should get either a 128GB or 256GB SSD drive.

Windows 8 or Windows 7?
Leo says she'll have to fight to get a Windows 7 machine these days. So moving forward, Windows 8 is going to be what she ends up with. The learning curve is a challenge with it, though. It could be why PC sales are down this year -- users simply aren't buying into Windows 8. If she's planning to get Windows 8, then she should get a laptop with a touch screen. If she'd rather have Windows 7 but can't get it, then she can always go over to Stardock and buy their utility that will bring back the Windows 7 interface she's used to.

What brand laptop is best?
Leo likes Lenovo and Dell, but Leo's actually currently using an Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook and he loves it.

How much power should I look for?
Leo says not to pay more for the i7, and just get an i5 processor. She'll also be fine with 4GB of RAM. Also, rather than getting a big 17" screen, she should look into a higher resolution 1080p 15" display.