Should I fix my old computer or get a new one?

Episode 970 (2:24:21)

Jean from Riverside, CA

Jean has an old Dell from 2007 and it's starting to act up. Should she get a new computer? Leo says that a computer's age is like a dog's age. A six year old computer can't really do a lot of modern things. But just because she gets a new computer, doesn't mean she has to throw away the old one. She can always put Linux on it. She was told that her computer had a virus on it. Leo says that may be, but more likely he wants to sell Jean a computer. The AOL software that Jean is using is more likely just timing out, which is normal. So Jean may not really "need" a new computer.

If she wants to get a new one, then Leo says an iPad may be more practical. If she really wants a desktop, Leo says a Mac would be good. As far as Windows machines go, he likes Dell. He advises going to a big box store like Costco or Best Buy and get a Windows 7 computer if she can find it. Otherwise, get a computer with an i5 processor and about 4GB or RAM.