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Watch Charlene from Westchester, NY Comments

Charlene would like to get a new laptop that has a large screen. Leo says that will impact her mobility, but if Charlene is looking for a desktop replacement, then it may make more sense to have a larger screen and more power.

Should I get a solid state drive?
Leo says that SSD drives start up faster, run faster, and he doesn't get a computer anymore without them. She should get either a 128GB or 256GB SSD drive.

Windows 8 or Windows 7?
Leo says she'll have to fight to get a Windows 7 machine these days. So moving forward, Windows 8 is going to be what she ends up with. The learning curve is a challenge with it, though. It could be why PC sales are down this year -- users simply aren't buying into Windows 8. If she's planning to get Windows 8, then she should get a laptop with a touch screen. If she'd rather have Windows 7 but can't get it, then she can always go over to Stardock and buy their utility that will bring back the Windows 7 interface she's used to.

What brand laptop is best?
Leo likes Lenovo and Dell, but Leo's actually currently using an Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook and he loves it.

How much power should I look for?
Leo says not to pay more for the i7, and just get an i5 processor. She'll also be fine with 4GB of RAM. Also, rather than getting a big 17" screen, she should look into a higher resolution 1080p 15" display.

Watch Perry from Scio, OR Comments

Perry is a teacher, and he needs to sync files back from the school's server to his office computer so he can then sync them through DropBox. Leo suggests a utility called Second Copy. The chatroom likes SyncBack. Microsoft has SyncToy, but the latest version has some issues. Nice thing about Syncback and SecondCopy is that they do WildCards.

Another option is SpiderOak, but it's a paid service.

Watch Dino from Syracuse, NY Comments

Dino has ordered the HTC One and can't wait. He wants to know if he should put a screen protector on it, though.

Leo says he doesn't use screen protectors because he hates the loss of the experience and he probably won't be using it for that long anyway. OtterBox is making cases for the HTC One. It won't save it from the glass breaking though. Even if it's scratch resistant, glass does shatter. The Gorilla Glass 3 though, is pretty tough.

What about glass screen protectors? Leo says then he would lose touch sensitivity. There's always trade-offs.

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Watch Bob from Cypress, CA Comments

Bob has an eCommerce site and says that he found BigCommerce and has been very happy. Leo says that BigCommerce is a great option, but there's also Shopify.

Watch Jared from Ontario, CA Comments

Jared has a podcast where he wants to review gadgets, but is having difficulty getting review units. Leo says it's very hard starting out to ask providers to give him a product to review. It kind of puts the burden on him to give a favorable review if they give him a product, too.

He'll need to provide a lot of details about how many subscribers and listeners he has. They're looking for hard data and PR companies don't want to take chances with untested podcasts and blogs. It's one of the reasons why Leo has a budget to just buy the electronics he reviews, but obviously Jared can't do that. At the end of the day, persistence is key.

Watch Carlo from Ontario, CAN Comments

Carlo is currently using RealPlayer to download videos, but he's having a hard time with it. Leo says that's really old software, and there's better options now. Carlo wants to download videos off of YouTube, but YouTube doesn't have an option for that on the site*. There are plenty of third party plugins that will do this, though:

There's even an app for iPad called McTube. There's a lot of them, some are web based, some apps, and some browser plugins.

*Downloading videos from YouTube is a violation of YouTube's terms of services.

Watch Max from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Max bought a Panasonic VT50 and the sound is terrible. Leo says that TV manufacturers put speakers on TVs almost as an afterthought since a home theater system is now the norm. They just put the speakers in to say the TV has sound.

Max would like to get a Panasonic Soundbar and have both the sound bar and the TV controlled by his DirecTV remote. Leo says that the Panasonic has an optical out and that is controllable by a television remote. That's how the remote can then be picked up by both the TV and the Sound Bar. Any good sound bar should have an optical-in option.

Watch Stan from Realto, CA Comments

Stan has a VueZone WiFi security camera. He says it's easy to install and works great. Leo says while it's simple to install, the VueZone won't screen continuously, nor could he record from it. It can only be powered when it's being accessed.

DropCam is a good always-on option that not only records, but allows users to go back in time over a few weeks and see everything that's happened. If he just wants a camera that he can access when someone's at the door, though, then it's a fine option.

Watch Derek from San Diego, CA Comments

Derek recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. The maps app doesn't know where he is, though.

Leo says to make sure that location settings are enabled, including GPS and WiFi. Leo doesn't think that GPS is actually enabled by default. There's also just some places where he won't be able to get a signal. He should also give it some time to acquire his location. It has to pick up all the GPS satellites in that area, which can take time.

Watch Susan from Friday Harbor, Washington Comments

Susan's Word documents have become corrupted on her desktop. Leo says that there may be an issue with Office 2000 that's causing it. Leo thinks that she may have different versions of the same file and that when she saved it, one version got corrupted. She had copied and pasted from a PDF into Word, and could have caused an issue.

The consensus from the chatroom is that the file is in .docx format, and it's not supported by the version of Office that she's trying to open that with.

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Watch Dick from Silverado, CA Comments

The speaker gadget that Dick DeBartolo had in Saturday's show, episode 969, is the Epishock speaker.

He was also wondering about the software that turns Windows 8 into a normal operating system, and that was called Stardock.

Watch Richard from Poway, CA Comments

Richard logged in the other day, and the computer looked just like it did the day he bought it. He didn't do anything at all! Leo says that the computer most likely rebooted and may have automatically logged into another unused account. Leo says to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, choose 'logout', and then log in to his own account.

Watch Yvette from Compton, CA Comments

Yvette has a Blackberry Torch and wants to get a new phone. Leo says that the Blackberry Z10 is a nice upgrade, but it doesn't have a keyboard. Blackberry will be coming out with the Q10 soon, which does have a keyboard. If she can't wait, then Leo says the Z10 does a great job.

She's wondering if she should just jump ship to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Leo says that if she uses Blackberry, he would stay with it and just upgrade to the Z10 or wait for Q10.

Watch Petros from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Petros has a fitness business with bootcamps and he has locations all over the world. He wants to deliver a monthly mix tape. Leo says that copyright won't allow that and he'll have to license that music in order to play that in his business.

One way he can bypass it is to use Pandora. Pandora has a business version starting at $25 a month that takes care of all the license fees. XM Satellite radio also has a business service.

Watch Jean from Riverside, CA Comments

Jean has an old Dell from 2007 and it's starting to act up. Should she get a new computer? Leo says that a computer's age is like a dog's age. A six year old computer can't really do a lot of modern things. But just because she gets a new computer, doesn't mean she has to throw away the old one. She can always put Linux on it. She was told that her computer had a virus on it. Leo says that may be, but more likely he wants to sell Jean a computer. The AOL software that Jean is using is more likely just timing out, which is normal. So Jean may not really "need" a new computer.

If she wants to get a new one, then Leo says an iPad may be more practical. If she really wants a desktop, Leo says a Mac would be good. As far as Windows machines go, he likes Dell. He advises going to a big box store like Costco or Best Buy and get a Windows 7 computer if she can find it. Otherwise, get a computer with an i5 processor and about 4GB or RAM.