What's the best cellphone carrier?

Episode 969 (1:10:30)

Mike from Portland, ME

Mike wants to talk about carriers. He has a great plan but it's pre-data. So he's looking to get a new smarpthone and knows his old plan will be replaced. It seems a good time to consider other carriers. He has the choice of Verizon and AT&T. He could go to Straight Talk via Walmart. Leo says it's a pretty good deal, but it's just reselling service (called an MVNO). He would get his choice of either, so Leo says to choose the one that works best.

One thing to pay attention to with an MVNO like Staight Talk is that they will throttle him if he uses too much of the data. Other options could be T-Mobile, which is HSPA+. It's as fast as LTE because the network doesn't have as much traffic on it. The Chatroom also says that Straight Talk doesn't allow streaming media either, which Leo says is just bizarre.

Verizon LTE is a lot faster, but it's also dependent on where he is. Leo also advises to ask neighbors what they have and if they like it.