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Watch Steve from Plainfield, NY Comments

Steve made the switch to a Samsung Galaxy SIII and he thinks it's the best phone he's ever had. He likes it as both a phone and a computer. He also bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet. It blew him away and he's selling his iPad, but he did need to also buy a hotspot because the tablet is WiFi-only. Leo says that's not really a bad thing because that way he can surf with a variety of gadgets.

Steve wants to know what alternatives there are to Siri on Android. Leo says that Google's text commands are pretty darn comprehensive and as good as Siri. Steve isn't as much of a fan of Google's native options, though. Leo says that he can get Nuance Voice recognition (the same as SIRI) on Android. Samsung has even licensed VLingo. He thinks they're roughly about the same, but one may work better than another for his voice.

Watch Dan from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Dan's job requires him to search through manuals online, and he wants to know what device is best for that. Leo says Dan could get a laptop, but a tablet is great because he doesn't really need a keyboard or a lot of processor power.

A 10" tablet like an iPad, or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be ideal. He could go for something a little smaller, like iPad Mini or Galaxy Note 8. He can simply read the manuals through a reader app.

The other option is a large screen phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which has a 5 1/2" screen and doubles as a phone. Dan is wondering why the Note II is discounted. Leo says it's likely that the Note III is on the horizon and Samsung is trying to clear the inventory. Leo advises not to wait though, if he likes the Note II. The Note III won't be any larger. There's also the Galaxy SIV phone with higher resolution.

For what Dan does, he spends a lot of time under machinery, and the Galaxy Note II would be ideal. He can add Drop Box to it and sync both and have access to the manuals without even having them on the phone. The Chatroom says that Evernote and Google Drive would work as well.

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Watch Mike from Portland, ME Comments

Mike wants to talk about carriers. He has a great plan but it's pre-data. So he's looking to get a new smarpthone and knows his old plan will be replaced. It seems a good time to consider other carriers. He has the choice of Verizon and AT&T. He could go to Straight Talk via Walmart. Leo says it's a pretty good deal, but it's just reselling service (called an MVNO). He would get his choice of either, so Leo says to choose the one that works best.

One thing to pay attention to with an MVNO like Staight Talk is that they will throttle him if he uses too much of the data. Other options could be T-Mobile, which is HSPA+. It's as fast as LTE because the network doesn't have as much traffic on it. The Chatroom also says that Straight Talk doesn't allow streaming media either, which Leo says is just bizarre.

Verizon LTE is a lot faster, but it's also dependent on where he is. Leo also advises to ask neighbors what they have and if they like it.

Watch Bruce from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Bruce runs Eset on his Mac Pro dual booting Windows 7. He's wondering if he needs a separate antivirus program. Leo says yes, he does. He recommends ClamAV to scan both operating systems, but that won't block activity in real time. Leo says that Bruce could buy Nod32 as well, but he also recommends Microsoft's free Security Essentials. Since Bruce is running Windows virtually, he could just take a snap shot and throw out the virtual drive.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Ann from Riverside, CA Comments

Ann has Cricket Wireless and she's seeing other connections on her system. Leo says to make sure that her OS is updated and her AntiVirus is up to date. Also, she should go into the settings of the Cricket Router and make it private so that no one will see it. She can do it by typing the address of the router into her browser (most routers are, but she should consult her manual for this).

Password protect it using WPA2 encryption. Leo advises to avoid using a word that can be easily defeated. Use a random combination of letters, numbers and punctuation. Change the name of the router too, for example Leo uses dead rock stars. That way she'll know which router is hers. Also, turn off universal plug n play (UPnP), and WAN Administration. Finally, head over to and run Shields up! and the uPnP probe.

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Watch Abraham from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Abraham has started to experience problems with Internet Explorer acting up. Abraham keeps moving back in IE versions and that's a security issue. Leo advises abandoning IE and going with Google Chrome. Firefox is another option.

Watch Boris from New York, NY Comments

Boris wants to know what iPad mini case is most protective and offers a kickstand. Leo says he doesn't usually buy a case for them because he goes through them so often. However, he really likes the Logictech iPad Keyboard and cover. It doesn't offer a lot of protection though, really.

There's also the InCase Oragami. The Chatroom also says that the InCase Book Jacket is great as well because it makes it look like a notebook, and the kickstand is built-in. It costs $50.

Watch Josh from Royersford, PA Comments

Josh is trying to boot up his mother's PC and it seems to be locked. Leo says it sounds like the BIOS lock is engaged, but it wants him to buy a MoneyPak card and send it to the Department of Justice.

Leo says that's a scam. It's a virus that his mother's comptuer got bit by. It's called RansomWare. There are ways to remove it, but the best course of action is to take the computer into Best Buy and have the Geek Squad clean it off. Or, he can just format the hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Watch Brian from Ohio Comments

Brian has a friend who is disabled and needs a phone that can't be pushed or picked up. Leo says that there are a number of Bluetooth headsets that he can talk into. BluAnt and Plantronics make them and they work pretty well. It'll just tell him there's a call and he'd say "pick up phone."

Watch Brian from Ohio Comments

Brian does training and wants an off-the-shelf video streaming option with picture in picture to show his computer screen. Leo says that television switching hardware does it, but there's software that does it as well. There are a few options: