Is there a way to share the video feed from my security camera?

Episode 968 (19:17)

George from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

George lives in an apartment and he has an outside Wi-Fi security camera. A neighbor would like to have access to the video feed, and is wondering if he could do that without giving out access to his network. Leo says that a lot of security cams have a web based interface, but George says he needs to be on his network to access the camera.

The camera has an IP address on his network, something like "". George also has a public IP address, the one the ISP gives him. So he could "DMZ" the address for the camera. By putting his camera out on the internet, he's making it public. He should password protect the camera if he doesn't want just anyone seeing that. He can also set up his router so his neighbor would have to access his IP address on a specific port to see the camera.

George still doesn't want his neighbor to access the camera and leave it on all day, using up his bandwidth though. For this, he would need a proxy server like SQUID to control his bandwidth and it's really complicated to manage. Not worth it. It's easier to just get a DropCam and give him access to it.

PadreSJ in the chatroom says all he needs to do is take his router, install DD-WRT which will allow him to set up a VLAN. Then get a camera like the Axis camera which has a preset timeout and a bandwidth cap. He could run that on the VLAN separate from the LAN of the main network. The neighbor would only be allowed to see the camera, would timeout after a few minutes, and there's a bandwidth cap.

Leo also suggests putting it on a second router for it.