How can I dedicate one of my screens to a TV tuner card on Linux?

Episode 968 (1:25:03)

Brent from Sydney, AUS

Brent has a TV tuner card in his computer with two screens, and he's using Linux. He wants to dedicate one of his monitors to TV. Leo says that is likely a software issue and that Hauppage doesn't support Linux. That doesn't mean there isn't a third party open source driver option. MythTV is a linux based system and they have a list of which cards work and which don't in Linux.

What if he ran Windows virtually for the TV? Leo says that could maybe work, and is worth a try. It may not though, because virtualization usually uses generic drivers.

Brent also wants to know what Leo thinks of Hola Unblocker to watch streams in the US. Leo says Hola is a proxy service that fools websites into thinking he's inside the US. If it's in the Firefox store, it has to be vetted, so it's probably OK.