What's the best way to share links?

Episode 967 (57:30)

Todd from Predonia, NY

Todd is a blogger who writes about Theater lighting and he uses Google docs to share links to his research data. As he gets more and more links, he'd like a better, more efficient way to share these links. Delicous, perhaps?

Leo says that he doesn't use Delicious because it's been on the verge of being closed down by Yahoo for awhile now. Leo prefers Pinboard. Leo also says that a lot of people are using Google+ for the same reason, and that would encourage people to follow him too. Can Google+ tag? Leo says that Google+ does support "hashtags," like Twitter. That gives them a leg up over Facebook, which doesn't. Another thing to do is just create a page for each topic that has links.

From CitizenX in the chatroom - Tumblr. It's designed to share quotes, images and links.

Check out Todd's spreadsheet on Google Docs.