Scott Wilkinson

Episode 967 (25:09)

Scott has a new poll at AVS Forum - Is the end of physical media inevitable? With more people choosing streaming options for their entertainment needs, what's the point of getting physical media? Well, Leo says that while streaming is convenient, the enthusiast will play the quality card and say that Blu-ray discs are a far better experience because streaming is highly compressed. Streaming is also hard on films, like Lincoln, that have a lot of dark lighting and colors. There's a lot of degradation. Scott says that what will likely happen, is that physical media will become a niche market sometime in the future, much like LPs have. It's only a matter of time before the mainstream abandons physical media all local rental stores all close. It's already begun with Blockbuster who's closing hundreds of outlets.

This week on HTG is the Tyll Hertsens, editor of, to talk about headphones.