Johnny Jet

Episode 967 (1:23:00)

Johnny Jet is back, live from the Michael Jordan Invitational Celebrity Golf Tournament in Vegas as part of MGM Resorts M Life Rewards program, where you can cash in your MLife points for experiences. This week, Johnny has a great pair of sites to save money. The first is FlyerTalk, a travel forum where you can find deals. Check out the Mileage Run Deals in forums. These are trips that are designed to maximize miles and/or points either through trips dedicated to no other reason than the miles/points, or through creative alteration of trips to extend their earning capacity in often unique ways.

Johnny also says that for international travel, there's a good guide to worldwide etiquette at Swissotel. Etiquette varies widely from culture to culture. What may be perfectly normal in one country can sometimes be a grave insult in another. This ultimate guide to worldwide etiquette will help you avoid embarrassing (and sometimes dangerous) mistakes during your travels abroad.