How can I print over a wireless network?

Episode 967 (38:50)

Steve from Riverside, CA

Steve bought his wife an iMac and he's been trying to set up Wireless printing and is having trouble connecting. Leo says it's likely a driver issue. The Mac says "drivers unavailable." Leo wonders if the printer is compatible for wireless printing since it's older. It may not work with the wireless router. If the printer can be seen, then it probably is just a driver issue. Since Bonjour recognizes the printer, that's a good sign that the printer can handle network printing. Leo says that the Xerox site has drivers, but they're only supported on Lion (OS X.7), not Mountain Lion.

From the Chatroom - Xerox just updated the driver and he can download it here.

Leo also says that there's a Linux app called CUPS that can work on Mac.