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Episode 967 April 6, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dave from California Comments

Dave is having trouble with Internet Explorer crashing after Windows hibernates. Leo says that he has the same issue in Windows 8 where IE crashes every few pages. He recommends running the recovery or installation disk and choosing "Repair". Windows will scan his Windows installation and repair any damaged files.

In the chatroom, the suggestion is to try a restore point. Restarting from hibernate isn't really a proper restart, either. It's best to just reboot the computer completely when it goes into deep hibernation.

Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan has an astronomy channel on YouTube and wants to get a Mic Flag for his show. If he wants to build his own, the chatroom suggests this youtube tutorial. He can also buy mic flags at

Watch Steve from Riverside, CA Comments

Steve bought his wife an iMac and he's been trying to set up Wireless printing and is having trouble connecting. Leo says it's likely a driver issue. The Mac says "drivers unavailable." Leo wonders if the printer is compatible for wireless printing since it's older. It may not work with the wireless router. If the printer can be seen, then it probably is just a driver issue. Since Bonjour recognizes the printer, that's a good sign that the printer can handle network printing. Leo says that the Xerox site has drivers, but they're only supported on Lion (OS X.7), not Mountain Lion.

From the Chatroom - Xerox just updated the driver and he can download it here.

Leo also says that there's a Linux app called CUPS that can work on Mac.

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Watch Todd from Predonia, NY Comments

Todd is a blogger who writes about Theater lighting and he uses Google docs to share links to his research data. As he gets more and more links, he'd like a better, more efficient way to share these links. Delicous, perhaps?

Leo says that he doesn't use Delicious because it's been on the verge of being closed down by Yahoo for awhile now. Leo prefers Pinboard. Leo also says that a lot of people are using Google+ for the same reason, and that would encourage people to follow him too. Can Google+ tag? Leo says that Google+ does support "hashtags," like Twitter. That gives them a leg up over Facebook, which doesn't. Another thing to do is just create a page for each topic that has links.

From CitizenX in the chatroom - Tumblr. It's designed to share quotes, images and links.

Check out Todd's spreadsheet on Google Docs.

Watch Steven from Willoughby, OH Comments

Steven went to China and while he was there, he posted his travels to Facebook and Twitter by first posting to Posterous. Sadly, Twitter bought Posterous and shut it down at the end of the month. They offered a transfer utility to back it up, but it didn't really work all that well for Steven. Leo says that's a cautionary tale about free services. One day they're here, the next they get purchased and shut down.

Steven has found a similar service called PostHaven, which will charge about $5 a month. Leo says charging can be good because services can stay around for awhile.

Check out Steven's China trip blog at

Watch Sam from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Sam is thinking about upgrading to either the Samsung Galaxy S4, or the HTC One.

There's a great review of the Galaxy S4 here. Leo says that the HTC One is on preorder now and he can get it from AT&T with a free $90 HDMI adapter. If Sam can wait a few weeks, Leo will have tested both and can give Sam a good review. Leo doesn't think he could go wrong either way. It comes down to whether he prefers specs or hardware design.

Watch Allison from Studio City, CA Comments

Allison's Yahoo mail got hacked last weekend, and she spent all weekend with technicians to fix it. She's worried she lost all her contacts. Leo fears that the technicians that charged her $200 to fix it were actually hackers pretending to be Yahoo customer support. Leo thinks they probably made her situation worse by installing key loggers and other exploits that'll turn her computer into a botnet zombie.

Leo advises that Allison cancel her credit card, and try and get her credit card company to reverse the charge. Then she should backup her data, format her hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

She should also change the email password to all her webmail accounts and turn on second factor authentication. In fact, Leo recommends dumping Yahoo and going with Google's GMail instead.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from South Bend, IN Comments

John wants to secure his wireless network, and is wondering if he should set it up with MAC addresses. Leo says MAC addresses don't really do anything. He recommends setting up the router with WPA2 (NOT WEP) encryption and give it a good password with alpha and numeric digits. He should also set the SSID for something that is easy to remember (Leo uses dead rock stars).

Watch Sean from Detroit, MI Comments

Sean just bought a Canon T4i DSLR and needs to learn how to use it. Leo says that to get started, just turn it to program mode and use it like a point and shoot. Then experiment with it. The DSLR will grow with him. Lynda is a tutorial site that has some great digital photography courses. It's a paid site, but the first week is free. CreativeLive is another great site to learn. There's always YouTube, too.

He also wants to know how to set up Network Attached Storage (NAS). Leo recommends Synology. He can get them very affordably and the software is great.

Watch Sean from Detroit, MI Comments

Leo recommends Synology. He can get them very affordably and the software is great.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam's internet connection is costing him $100 a month. Why is it so expensive?! Leo says that Sam didn't realize that they set him up with a super fast, high cost internet plan. He should contact Time Warner and tell them he wants to cut it back, because Sam is overpaying! He should tell them he wants to cut the cost in half. It shouldn't cost more than $50 with cable.

Watch Shawn from Detroit, MI Comments

Shawn has been using the camera on his MacBook Pro to record and upload to YouTube. However, recently it's gone from 16:9 to 4:3. Leo says that it could be the software that Shawn is recording from. He's been using the recording utility with Flash. It sounds like this is a known bug in that Flash utility, so Leo recommends using iMovie for recording.

Leo also says that going with Google+ Hangouts Live on Air will automatically record to YouTube, so he could eliminate the middleman. The future is HTML5. In fact, he can go to YouTube's HTML5 page, and they recently turned on the ability to record with it.

Watch Wilbur from Williamstown, NJ Comments

Wilbur is a paraplegic and is looking for an affordable cellphone. Leo says that his mom got her cellphone through a program at AARP for about $10 a month. Wilbur wants a better one for emergencies, though.

Leo says that SafeLink Wireless has free cell service for MedicAid participants. If all Wilbur wants is a phone to call 911, all cellphones are required to have 911 service, even if they don't have a wireless service attached to it.

Watch Bill from Mizzoula, MT Comments

Bill recently got Eset's Smart Security version 6. It's great because it can track his laptop in case it gets stolen. He's having trouble signing up because they want his existing username and password. But he doesn't remember it. Leo says to call ESET and get support to help and if that doesn't work, send Leo an email and he'll help him out.

Watch Rich from Florence, MT Comments

Rich just upgraded to DISH Network's Hopper, but is only getting a green screen by HDMI connection. Leo says that it could be a copy protection issue and recommends trying a different HDMI. It may also be that Rich's TV doesn't support HDCP, and the Hopper is HDCP compliant. Also, he should make sure he's plugging the cable into the proper port. The port or cable could be bad. Try the easy stuff first. Then contact DISH.

JeffC suggests getting an HDMI composite converter from to get around HDCP, but Leo says that will degrade the signal significantly.