How does the new Time Warner app on Roku work?

Episode 966 (30:26)

Mike from Portland, ME

Mike is excited that he can use the Roku 3 as his Time Warner cable box. Leo says that while Mike still has to pay for Time Warner Cable, he can finally use a quality, tiny box, rather than that large and junky box by Time Warner.

Mike wants to know if he can travel with the Roku. Leo says it's possible, but Time Warner could look at the IP address and deny it. The Chatroom says they do check and he must be inside the Time Warner network. He can find out more on what he can or cannot do with the Time Warner app on Roku at

PadreSJ says that it'll be tied to the MAC address of the cable modem to validate. Leo says it's very easy to spoof MAC addresses, though.

Raymondjtoth in the chatroom points him to this thread on Roku's site: According to this, he would have to authenticate every time he uses it, and if it's outside the network, it'll likely deny his request.