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Watch Brad from San Diego, CA Comments

Brad has an Apogee duet professional sound card. He'd like to upgrade to a Duet 2, but there's other less expensive options out there. Leo says that professional audio is a very specialized niche market, which makes it hard to offer mainsteam options. He also says that while newer Macs have more speed, Firewire is dead now. Quality audio processing is key, and he recommends looking at a DAC from ApogeeDigital. Low latency is also important.

Dr. F8, in the chatroom says that the RME drivers are better than Apogee, for what it's worth.

Watch Mike from Portland, ME Comments

Mike is excited that he can use the Roku 3 as his Time Warner cable box. Leo says that while Mike still has to pay for Time Warner Cable, he can finally use a quality, tiny box, rather than that large and junky box by Time Warner.

Mike wants to know if he can travel with the Roku. Leo says it's possible, but Time Warner could look at the IP address and deny it. The Chatroom says they do check and he must be inside the Time Warner network. He can find out more on what he can or cannot do with the Time Warner app on Roku at

PadreSJ says that it'll be tied to the MAC address of the cable modem to validate. Leo says it's very easy to spoof MAC addresses, though.

Raymondjtoth in the chatroom points him to this thread on Roku's site: According to this, he would have to authenticate every time he uses it, and if it's outside the network, it'll likely deny his request.

Watch Ross from Michigan Comments

Ross owns an auto shop and he'd like to start scanning documents to manage them in the computer. Leo says that optical character recognition (OCR) is a key feature in order to glean the data from the scanned forms. Leo recommends OCR scanning software from Nuance.

He needs software to manage the documents, though, and for that Leo suggests Microsoft SharePoint. Other options are Neat Receipts, ScanSnap, and DevonThink Pro.

The chatroom suggests Filemaker Pro.

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Watch Barney from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Barney wants to open the rolodex file he has saved in his old Seiko Smart Label Printer on his Google Nexus 7. Leo says to use the software that the file printer comes with and export it to a standard file format, like comma separated values (CSV). Once he has that file, he can then import them into Google Contacts. Leo also says to go into Google contacts and edit the imported contacts. Then, once done, it'll automatically sync to the Nexus 7.

Watch Michael from California Comments

Michael is frustrated because he has been blocked by Yahoo for sending a lot of email to his friends. Leo says that this is because he reached the daily sending limit. This is a policy to prevent spammers from using Yahoo. Yahoo's Help has more about daily sending limits here:

Leo advises setting up a Gmail account and using that to collect the yahoo email. He can set this up in gmail's settings. Also, Leo says that if Michael buys a domain name, he can then use any email provider he wants. Then if a free webmail turns him off, he can move to another one and nobody knows the difference.

Watch Joe from Thomasville, GA Comments

Joe wants to know if the iPhone supports Near Field Communications (NFC). Leo says it doesn't. At best, it has Bluetooth. Even though NFC supports Bluetooth, the iPhone doesn't support NFC.

Watch Steve from San Diego, CA Comments

Steve has a Mac and wants to know if he really needs an antivirus utility. Leo says that the bad guys have slowly begun to write exploits to take advantage of the Apple platform. This wasn't the case a few short years ago, but as Windows users have gotten better at locking down their systems, the hackers have to go somewhere. So the short answer is yes.

Leo recommends Eset's CyberSecurity for the Mac. (Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

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Watch Serge from Canada Comments

Serge is a gamer and has an older ATI gaming video card. He's wondering when he should upgrade it. There are two things to consider in terms of video cards. Cost, and whether the system is powerful enough to justify a more powerful video card. If the GPU is more powerful than the CPU, then he'd be "CPU-bound", meaning the CPU would be holding him back from getting the most out of the video card.

If it can handle it, then it depends on when the next generation card is coming out. The current generation is almost a year old. Leo says that it's really not necessary to wait. The Radeon 6800 series is a great card and will give him the most bang for his buck.

Watch Dick from Orange County, CA Comments

Dick has a 7 year old ThinkPad, and he can't get on WPA2 Wi-Fi networks. Leo suggests buying a USB WiFi Dongle. That'll take the WPA2 signal for him.

The chatroom says that it's possible to change out the Wi-Fi card on the laptop, but Leo says it's cheaper to go the dongle route. Dick just has to be sure he's using the latest Service Pack of XP (SP3). He'll also get better reception that way.

Watch Brad from New Jersey Comments

Brad has been getting slammed with spam and the bill for his ISP got lost in the pile of junk. So his service has been disconnected and his email account scrubbed. Leo says that there's no legal requirement to keep personal data, so it's likely they just deleted everything and moved on. It could be worth pursuing though. They may have a backup somewhere and if he's willing to pay up his bill, it may not have been long enough for them to completely wipe his data.

Watch Bob from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bob is a musician and he wonders if he should upgrade to Mountain Lion. He's worried that the specialized music software won't be compatible with the newer operating system. Leo says that he's had very good luck with Mountain Lion and it should work, but he advises contacting all the companies who make the software to be sure first before he does.

John from Simi Valley calls in and says that because it's his livelihood, he should keep it as is until he gets a new computer and then upgrade.

Watch John from Simi Valley, CA Comments

John wonders if Apple is going to stop making computers soon. Leo says that while Apple gets most of it's income from mobile devices and apps that power them, those apps still need to be made on Apple computers. As Steve Jobs once said "somebody still needs to drive the trucks." So Leo thinks that the Apple Mac computer will still exist down the road.

However, Leo is disappointed that Apple seems to be losing their way in the professional world and Hollywood feels abandoned by Final Cut Pro, and many are going back to Avid and Adobe Premiere.

Watch Dudge from New Jersey Comments

Dudge is having a hard time moving to 64 bit. Leo says that the only advantage of 64 bit is to address more memory for gaming, video editing apps, and the like. If his software works fine in 32 bit, then there's no real reason to go to 64 bit. Leo says to keep using what he has until it stops working. When it stops working, upgrade everything.