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Watch Eric from Studio City, CA Comments

Eric is looking for a wearable spy camera to shoot images for reports on hotels. Leo says The Spy Store is a great place to go for such things. There's even a watch camera DVR! He should take caution though, since most of the stuff they sell could be illegal in most areas.

The chatroom recommends Leo also says that Eric should be the first in line when Google Glass comes out.

Watch Bernie from Colorado Comments

Bernie wants to set up a WiFi Security camera so he can check on locations with his iPad or iPhone. Are they secure? Leo says they are because they are encrypted. Almost all will take a picture if there's movement and email or text it to his smartphone.

He likes DropCam. He particularly likes that it has a DVR function that allows him to go back into time to see something he missed. NetGear also has WiFi cameras called the VueZone.

The chatroom recommends DoorBot (available in July) which will not only view who comes to the door, but will allow him to open his door from anywhere in the world.

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Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris needs to get a tablet for the work he does writing and proofreading. Leo says that a Windows Surface tablet is probably the best solution for Chris since he needs Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. The Surface RT comes with Office, and would work just fine for Chris. It's lower powered and won't work with traditional Windows software, though. For that, Leo recommends the Surface Pro, but it doesn't come with office. Leo also recommends the Type keyboard cover. The Surface RT with type cover costs about $629.

Watch Jeffrey from San Diego, CA Comments

Jeffrey has been on a dating website and now he's having trouble connecting to the internet. He has been getting notified that his cookies were disabled. Leo says it's DNS malware that has redirected traffic through the DNS servers to control what he sees. It could have impacted his computer, or his network's router. Since Jeffrey has only seen it on his computer, that's an easier thing to repair. He should backup his data, and then format his hard drive and reinstall his OS from a known, good source.

Watch Brian from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Brian wants to know if he really needs to have java on his computer. Leo says probably not. Java is a programming language that allows a program to run on any platform. It was the flavor of the month in the mid 90s and has been around ever since. However, Java has security flaws that have been exploited, including three last month. So now Leo recommends turning it off in the browser.

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Watch Michael from Modesto, CA Comments

Michael got an old, cheap, used computer and the computer just keeps rebooting to the BIOS. Leo says to make sure the IDE cables from the hard drives are properly connected on both ends, and make sure the drive is set to the master drive. The lithium BIOS battery is likely dead as well, so he should replace that. Then, reset the BIOS hardware configuration setting, because it's obviously changed.

If this doesn't fix it, the hard drive may be pulling too much power from the power supply. The chatroom also says to make sure the jumpers on the motherboard are properly set. Leo says that the RAM may be loose, and while Michael is at it, he may want to get more RAM. Could he get restore discs for it? Leo says that Michael could get restore discs for about $10 from HP or Microsoft, but Linux may be a good option instead. He should take a look at Puppy Linux and XUbuntu. He can learn how to do it from episode 5 of Know How..

Watch Robert from Newhall, CA Comments

Robert wanted to create a bootable operating system on his USB key, but his computer won't recognize it. Leo says it may not be formatted properly. He should go into the BIOS and make sure USB is an option to boot to in the boot order. The Chatroom suggests holding down ALT+O when booting up and it'll tell the computer to look at the USB, but Leo hasn't done that so he can't vouch for it.

There's some great tools to have like Hiren's Boot CD, the Ultimate Boot CD, Linux Live CD, Plop, Pendrive Linux.

Watch Sandy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sandy uses a portable hard drive to backup her photos. Leo says that's a good idea, but it's not enough. Leo says that adopting a 3-2-1 backup strategy is best - three copies, two formats, one off site. Check out The DAM Book by Peter Krogh and DPBestFlow.Org.

Sandy should also look into SmugMug for off site storage. She can look at Leo's images on SmugMug as an example.

Leo also recommends cataloging software that keeps track of all Sandy's images and where they are. There's some great suggestions here including one of Leo's favorites, Irfanview.

Watch Tony from LaHabra, CA Comments

Tony called last week asking for software to run his own email service. Leo gave him a bunch of suggestions, but Tony called back to let Leo know about HiveMail.

Check out his service - America's Email

Watch Pete from Detroit, MI Comments

Pete wants a Windows 8 tablet. Leo recommends the Microsoft Surface, but Pete isn't much of a fan.

Pete's wondering about the HP Envy. Leo says it's not bad, it's a bit heavy because it's a laptop hybrid. It's also a bit under powered running the Atom processor, but it's a good choice for the money.

Leo's personal favorite is the Lenovo Yoga.