What site is best for sharing photos?

Episode 963 (1:31:09)

Lee from Orange County, CA

Lee wants to know what photo sharing sites would be best to share pictures with students at a local school. Leo says that's a common question and it's important to make it really easy for parents to share. He uses Flickr. The nice thing about Flickr is that each user has an account if they have yahoo email and he could create a private group for everyone to tag their pictures on. It does have file limit of about 300MB worth of photos each month for free, which should be plenty. If he's planning on using video, he would also get 2 video uploads a month totaling 90 seconds (300mb).

Other sites include ShutterFly, Imgur (not exactly family friendly), Photobucket, Picasaweb (but Google also wants everyone to use Google+, which allows users to upload pictures automatically). Facebook could also work, but Leo isn't really a fan since he would have to sign up for the service. The chatroom suggest Tumblr.

Leo advises to survey the parents and see what they're comfortable with.