What do you think of the Sonos PlayBar?

Episode 963 (1:12:44)

Ralph from Torrance, CA

Ralph wants to know Leo's thoughts about the SONOS PlayBar Sound Bar he bought a few months ago. Leo says he hasn't really set it up yet, but the cool thing about sound bars is that they simulate surround sound for those who don't' have the room, budget or interest in having a conventional home theater surround sound system. It's not really perfect, and it tries to fool the listener into thinking it's surround, but it's better than nothing. A wireless subwoofer can also be added which would give it great bass.

He also wants to know about the Roku 3. Leo also says that the new Roku 3 has a Time Warner App that turns the Roku into a cable box for every room. For $100 it's a great deal.