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Watch Burt from Orange County, CA Comments

Burt and his wife are traveling to Europe this year and he wants to get a DSLR. Leo says that Canon just announced two new cameras, the EOS T5i and the Rebel SL1, which Canon says is the world's smallest digital SLR. Leo, though, has recently switched to the mirrorless micro 4/3s format and he loves it. It's the Olympus OM-D. It's very thin and light, and he can have interchangeable lenses. Another to look at is the Nikon D3200.

Leo also advises getting an extra battery and extra SD cards.

Watch Martino from Orange County,CA Comments

Martino is a teacher and wants to be able to image several iPads. Leo says that there's a program called Apple Configurator. It only works with OS X Lion, so he'll need a Mac to deploy it.

Watch Carneg from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Carneg uses Apple Mail to download Gmail onto his computer, and he recently got an email from Google that someone was trying to access his account. So he tried to changed his password, but it won't let him.

Leo says that Google has a great feature at the bottom of the GMail page that would allow him to check out who's trying to log into his account and the device being used. Leo advises turning on second factor authentication, and to tie his gmail to his cellphone so that in order to change the password, he'd have to get a text or phone call to his phone.

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Watch Ralph from Torrance, CA Comments

Ralph wants to know Leo's thoughts about the SONOS PlayBar Sound Bar he bought a few months ago. Leo says he hasn't really set it up yet, but the cool thing about sound bars is that they simulate surround sound for those who don't' have the room, budget or interest in having a conventional home theater surround sound system. It's not really perfect, and it tries to fool the listener into thinking it's surround, but it's better than nothing. A wireless subwoofer can also be added which would give it great bass.

He also wants to know about the Roku 3. Leo also says that the new Roku 3 has a Time Warner App that turns the Roku into a cable box for every room. For $100 it's a great deal.

Watch Ray from Indiana Comments

Ray bought some movies from iTunes and would like to strip the DRM off them. Leo directs him to this LifeHacker Article, which uses a utility called NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus to convert them. It's $50. Leo then advises not buying movies from iTunes anymore, and to go with Amazon instead.

Watch Lee from Orange County, CA Comments

Lee wants to know what photo sharing sites would be best to share pictures with students at a local school. Leo says that's a common question and it's important to make it really easy for parents to share. He uses Flickr. The nice thing about Flickr is that each user has an account if they have yahoo email and he could create a private group for everyone to tag their pictures on. It does have file limit of about 300MB worth of photos each month for free, which should be plenty. If he's planning on using video, he would also get 2 video uploads a month totaling 90 seconds (300mb).

Other sites include ShutterFly, Imgur (not exactly family friendly), Photobucket, Picasaweb (but Google also wants everyone to use Google+, which allows users to upload pictures automatically). Facebook could also work, but Leo isn't really a fan since he would have to sign up for the service. The chatroom suggest Tumblr.

Leo advises to survey the parents and see what they're comfortable with.

Watch Mike from Southern California Comments

Mike has a Slingbox 350, which cannot be connected to a router through Wi-Fi. He would need the Slingbox 500 for that, but Leo has the solution without Mike having to bring back his current Slingbox.

Leo suggests using powerline networking, and Slingbox even sells the adapters to do this. Powerline networking uses the electrical wiring in his house to transfer data through his network. Slingbox actually sells the adapters to do this, and he can look for it at a place like RadioShack too. In most cases, this works pretty well, and would allow Mike to hardwire in his Slingbox without needing to be next to the router.

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Watch Winn from Moorpark, CA Comments

Winn has been having trouble downloading his Yahoo Mail with Outlook 2010. Leo says to delete the account completely from Outlook and re-enter it. It may also be that Winn has to buy the Yahoo pro account to have Pop3 access. Leo suggests dumping Yahoo and using Gmail instead. Gmail can collect all email for him and keep it central. It's also better at fighting spam.

Watch Dana from Georgia Comments

Dana has an Acer Aspire One netbook and when he restored the OS, he lost his sound drivers. Leo says to run Windows update. If that doesn't do it, then he can go to Acer's support site and get the drivers from there. The Windows update should fix it, though. The chatroom says another option is to use Linux Mint.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and he's rooted it. He wants to use a hotspot app and tether his laptop with it.

Leo says that AT&T will allow tethering/hotspotting for it, at a monthly price. All current Android phones can do it, without rooting. It's in the settings. Jim says it shows up as an AdHoc connection on his computer. Leo says it shouldn't see it as an AdHoc connection, it should see it as a WiFi hotspot. He'll have to add hotspotting from AT&T first, though.

Watch Tony from La Habra, CA Comments

Tony recently bought a domain name and he wants to start a free email service on his shared web server. Leo says that may be tough because server companies are concerned with spam. He can use a virtual server setup as long as the server company knows what he's doing. Leo recommends SoftLayer. Another option is RackSpace. For software, Leo uses SquirrelMail. Another option is PostFix.

Watch Danny from Southern California Comments

Danny recently got banned from TWiT chat because of something his kid wrote. Leo says that TWiT bans offending users according to IP addresses. They are very careful to keep the chatroom family friendly and there's some specific rules. Generally, though, the ban is temporary, so just be patient. There really isn't an appeal, either.

Watch Deanna from California Comments

Deanna uses Android and is interested in what the best notes app is. Leo says that Google recently released their own notes app, Google Keep, but Leo recommends Evernote. It's on every platform, and is free.

Watch Rich from New York City, NY Comments

Rich has two Western Digital 2TB hard drives that have failed on him. Leo says that hard drives can fail, even in the very beginning. Larger hard drives can fail more often, but they are getting better. Western Digital replaced the failed drives and he's thinking of building a network attached storage (NAS). He's wondering if it would be easier to just buy one instead. Leo says that buying is easier and he likes Synology for that. If he wants to save money, building his own using FreeNAS is a great project.