What's the best software to animate sketches?

Episode 962 (28:44)

Ed from Saugus, CA

Ed's daughter loves to draw, and he got her a Wacom Bamboo tablet to do it digitally. She's even animated her drawings with Movie Maker. There are several options that would be much better suited for this, however:

  • Boinx
    If she was on an Apple platform, Leo would recommend this.
  • Toon Boom
    The chatroom mentioned this, but it's pricey at $300.
  • Flip Boom All Star
    This is $30.
  • Quicktime
    Another option is to just use Quicktime and combine a bunch of images using the "image sequence" command.
  • Pencil Animation
    This would be a perfect option, because it's open source and free.
  • My Paint
  • DigiCel
  • Animation Desk