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Watch Colin from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Colin says one way Leo can save money on cell phone batteries is to buy an external battery. Leo says that he has plenty of external battery cases, but he still has to carry them around. He prefers the extra battery because it fits in his pocket. Leo does like the Mophie Juice Pack Air case, which puts the battery inside the case. He also says that Samsung has killed the myth that Apple doesn't let the battery be removable for the reason of keeping the phone slim. He thinks it's because Apple just doesn't want people inside the phone.

Watch Ed from Saugus, CA Comments

Ed's daughter loves to draw, and he got her a Wacom Bamboo tablet to do it digitally. She's even animated her drawings with Movie Maker. There are several options that would be much better suited for this, however:

  • Boinx
    If she was on an Apple platform, Leo would recommend this.
  • Toon Boom
    The chatroom mentioned this, but it's pricey at $300.
  • Flip Boom All Star
    This is $30.
  • Quicktime
    Another option is to just use Quicktime and combine a bunch of images using the "image sequence" command.
  • Pencil Animation
    This would be a perfect option, because it's open source and free.
  • My Paint
  • DigiCel
  • Animation Desk
Watch Mike from California Comments

Mike wants to know what software would be best to do motion tracking. Leo says After Effects can do it, but it's pricey. FilmRiot has a great tutorial that shows how to do it.

There's also an open source solution called MultiBlob GridFlow PD.

Create Digital Motion is a great source for animators and motion tracking.

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Watch Matt from Innola, PA Comments

No, that's something different. Leo says VPNs (virtual private networks) are designed to allow users to connect securely to their own network while on the road. It provides secure access to an internal network. Leo recommends HotSpot VPN for that.

Matt wants to mask all outgoing traffic so his ISP doesn't spy on him because he doesn't want to get six strikes. Leo says that's different, though ISPs do 'spy' on everyone. Six Strikes isn't done by the ISPs, though, the recording industry does that, and then they advise the ISPs. Leo says that unless Matt is engaging in piracy, which he isn't, then there's really nothing to worry about.

Watch Jeff from Hillsboro, OR Comments

When Jeff tried to turn on his computer, it didn't do anything. No fans, no beeps, it was silent. He unplugged the computer, plugged it back in, and then it started up just fine. Since Jeff's computer is 6 years old, Leo says it may just be that the power switch is failing after years of use. It also could be a flakey power supply, or possibly something more serious such as a bad motherboard. Leo doesn't suspect the hard drive is at fault here. As long as it's working fine now, Leo doesn't think it's necessary to get a new computer, but he should definitely make sure all of his data is backed up!

Watch Jerry from Whittier, CA Comments

Jerry has multiple computers accessing the same email via Pop3, but he's missing emails. Leo says that's what PoP does -- it downloads the email and then deletes it from the server. Better to use IMAP instead because it leaves the email on the servers.

A better option is to create his own GMail account and then use GMail to retrieve his Pop3 email. Then it stays on GMail until he wants to delete it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Bonnie from Seal Beach, CA Comments

Bonnie uses Cyberlink Power Director to edit her videos, but she's getting error messages that cause the rendering to stop. Leo says it's likely that Bonnie has run out of RAM while the file is rendering. Or it could be a bug in Power Director itself.

Leo says that Power Director isn't that great of a piece of software. He recommends Adobe Premiere Elements. It's on sale for $65 at Amazon. For free, Windows Movie Maker has become pretty mature and runs well.

On the Mac, iMovie is great and the step up from that would be Final Cut Pro X, which is another powerful option.

Watch Matt from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Comments

Matt wants to know what Leo thinks of Haier TVs. Leo says that they're a third tier TV company, budget stuff he'd see at the grocery store. It's low end, but often they use the same panels as the big guys and the quality is lost in the software and menus that they use.

Would it be good for a computer monitor? Leo doesn't usually recommend using TVs for computer monitors. The resolution isn't that good for computer use since he would sit closer to it.

Watch Tammy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tammy is going to Europe for about 8 months and wants to know if the SlingBox would be a good way to watch US TV. Leo advises getting the Slingbox 500. It has HDMI, HD, and WiFi and it's easy to set up. And yes, they'd be great for accessing a DVR at home while they're traveling. As long as they have an internet connection, they can access the Slingbox.

Watch Sean from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sean is traveling out of the country and had his iPhone unlocked by AT&T. He's concerned because it doesn't really say it's unlocked. Leo says he can go to T-Mobile and tell them he's thinking of going with T-Mobile and if he could pop a SIM in to see if it works (TMobile will let users bring their own phone to the party).

Should he get a local SIM in Europe, though? Leo says that's a good idea. It's far cheaper and he'll get a local number. The real key with buying a local SIM is to make sure it works in all the countries he'd be traveling to.

The other option is to get an International Data Roaming plan from AT&T, but it's expensive and he won't get a lot of data. He should turn off data roaming, because if he doesn't, he'll have a bill when he gets back in the thousands! Turn off automatic email and iCloud sync too, and look for McDonalds and Starbucks for free WiFi. Leo also suggests that he clears his usage stats when he leaves the country so he can monitor how much data he's using.

What about maps and directions? Leo recommends Motion X GPS, which will allow him to download local maps to his phone and then get offline. The Chatroom suggests OffMaps 2.

From the Chatroom -- Congstar 9 Euros for unlimited data in Berlin, Mobile Vikings 25 Euros.

Watch Ron from Israel Comments

Ron wants to know about the Blackberry Z10, but he's concerned about data because his current plan comes with BIS and 5GB. He's concerned that the Z10 will cost him more in data when he travels. Leo says that the Z10 is a good option for those who have to live in the Blackberry universe. Blackberry is moving away from BIS, though, and that's because Blackberry will be moving towards the standard pay for data service. The wireless companies want people to pay for data now, it's where their money really is.

Watch Adam from Studio City, CA Comments

Adam started a movie video podcast with his daughter called Piper's Picks TV and they've been doing it for years. They're moving to YouTube because they can monetize it, but YouTube is starting to take down videos because of complaints from others.

Leo says that's sad because they can boot Adam off with no recourse. It's run by machines and he can't contact anyone to appeal. The only key is to keep his own site that he controls. Leo says to keep YouTube, but to start moving his audience to the website. He should also have backups at other video sites like Vimeo and BlipTv. Sadly, he can't host his own video because it's just too expensive for bandwidth.