Scott Wilkinson

Episode 961 (28:22)

Scott got a question from Dominick about whether he needs a sub woofer. He lives in an apartment and he can't get anything too big. Leo says that a sub woofer got him in trouble when he was living in his studio apartment. Scott says that's because of the low range of the woofer that travels very far, and even if it's not at high volume, it can really carry in every direction. Where would he connect it with a two channel system anyway? Scott says that most preamps have two sets of speaker outputs. One goes to the power amp, the other can go into the subwoofer, since it has it's own power amp anyway. And you can set the cut off frequency of the sub woofer to adjust for where you live. Scott recommends the Definitive Super Cube 4000 sub woofer, and set it to under 50. It'll give the extra base that Scott wants.